Obi-Wan Kenobi 2.5 Hour Editing continues a long Star Wars tradition

Obi-Wan Kenobi received a popular fan cut that adapted it into a 2.5 hour film with the same story, continuing a long tradition of Star Wars fan cuts.

A fan edited version of Obi Wan Kenobi shoots the 6 episodes of Disney+ war of stars series into a 2.5-hour film that continues a long tradition war of stars fan edits. Obi Wan Kenobi was originally conceived as a film, so the project is an interesting example of what could have been a film.

war of stars has always had a thriving demand for alternative edits. Even the original war of stars Released in 1977, changes were already being made by George Lucas, creating a demand for the original version that only grew over time, especially as Lucas made more and more changes to the original trilogy. Fan edits of war of stars Prequels have greatly increased the popularity of fan edits. Thanks to advances in technology, computers and inexpensive editing software allowed many more people to create their own films, and the internet gave them the power to distribute them. If the war of stars Prequels drew such a polarized response that an army of amateur editors were willing to implement their desired “fixes” to how they thought the films should have been.


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A lot has changed war of stars After Disney bought the franchise from George Lucas, polarized receptions on some movies and TV shows continued the long-held tradition war of stars fan edits. Some of these edits have become known for their simpler approach, such as an edit that removed all of the women Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Other edits take more imaginative approaches, such as B. converting Obi Wan Kenobi from a six episode miniseries to a 2.5 hour movie. Rather than simply trying to cut out certain characters or events that upset the editor, the cut keeps virtually the exact same overall story but reimagined in a new format, giving it a more traditional film structure and running time.

Why Star Wars fan edits are so popular

Obi wan kenobi 2.5 hour cut leia darth vader

Of course, fan edits could also be seen as a problem as they emphasize the nature of the audience’s entitlement and the audience’s perception of ownership instead of the creator. From recovery attempts war of stars to its original unaltered state, to removing Jar Jar Binks from the prequels, to edits that turn the entire prequel trilogy into a single neon noir film that war of stars Franchise has a vibrant history with fan edits from a variety of intents. Considering the original war of stars While the film is largely a remix of a number of George Lucas’ favorite films, it should come as no surprise that it similarly inspires people to remake it to their own liking. In addition to fan cuts, there is also a thriving community of fan films set to take place war of stars universe, and the franchise is widely cited as the inspiration for other blockbuster films, most recently starring Zack Snyders rebel moon (which actually originally as war of stars Movie).

During the Disney era of war of stars has seen his share of fan edits, Obi Wan KenobiThe 2.5-hour cut is a Disney+ fan cut for the first time war of stars Series got that kind of attention. what does Obi Wan Kenobi The special is probably a consequence of the fact that while shows liked it, audiences reacted so strongly to both the highs and lows of the series The Mandalorian were more accepted. As frustrations with elements the show performed poorly were juxtaposed with elements the show did well, there’s something about the show that many critics wish they could salvage, much like the initial reaction to the war of stars Precursor. Whether or not Obi Wan Kenobis 2.5-hour cut is a sign that the Disney era is over war of stars inspiring a new generation of fan edits remains to be seen, but as long as audiences love it war of stars — and don’t love everything about the new releases — the franchise will continue to see a steady stream of fan edits to tweak, fix, convert, or completely reinvent war of stars stories.

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