No hardship nor trouble, just new witchcraft merchandise

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I don’t know about you, but while I love summer and don’t need to see it end anytime soon, I’m always up for some witchy stuff that gives the feeling of Halloween and the spooky season. Last year I put together a roundup of witchy book goods that readers have fallen for, and to be honest I’m always favoring more great finds where further roundups were in order. Because witches are around all year round and we can never go wrong when we dig up new witch book merchandise.

I’ve been a bit unwell for the past few weeks…months…and one thing that has helped a little is roaming around the stores online and in person and checking out their spooky offerings. It definitely helped, and whether you’re in the same mental situation or not, I hope these help put a smile on your face too.

Below is a summary of literal witch merchandise. These are perfect for any time of year and if you jump on them now you’ll be ready for fall too. I didn’t recreate anything from last year’s collection either. There is just so much cool stuff being created by book lovers who also love all things witchy.

Of course when you’re done here you’ll want to read some witchcraft novels and horror books about witches and then take this TV witch quiz to find your next witch reading.

Bookish Witchy Goods for the whole year

Do you consider yourself a book witch? Wear the shirt so everyone knows. $25 and up, with color options.

Image of a planchette bookmark with the words

I always associate Ouija with witches, so it’s no shock to see a (great) spooky book club planchette bookmark here. $6 and up.

Image of a candle with a black label.  The label reads

Who but Circe deserves their own candle? This would create a perfect reading atmosphere in your room. $22, with notes of licorice root, sage and sea air.

Image of a witch reading a book with shelves behind.  She is drinking tea and a number of descriptions are next to her including

Place this book witch print on your wall or in a frame on your bookshelf. $15 and up depending on size.

Image of a white hand holding a large white mug.  The image on the cup is based on a so-called tarot card

What gives more witch cheer than a reader tarot card? I would drink from this cup every day. $19 and up.

Image of a stationery set consisting of envelopes, paper and adhesive seals in a witchy aesthetic.

All witches need a good writing set. The aesthetics of this? Absolutely perfect. Get the envelopes, paper and wax seals for $13.

Image of a white tote bag with books, crystals and mushrooms on it.  It is reading

Natch, a bookworm needs a sturdy tote bag and this one will do the trick. $30.

Image of three black coasters.  Each has magical images including a magic 8-ball, spell book and cauldron.

I definitely don’t need any more coasters, but this set of witchy coasters might be an exception. $7 each or $15 for all three.

Image of a print on a coat.  The print is black and white.  It has a stack of books and says

A funny twist on the “Go away I’m reading” sign. This is a digital download so you can make it any size you want for the space you need. $8.

Image of a thong style bookmark with a witch hat and gems.

Not only will this witch hat bookmark keep its place in your current reading, but it also comes with abalone and blue jade, two superb gemstones. $18 and you can choose the color of the strap.

Image of a black mug with a pink skull, purple bottle and yellow grimoire image.  It is reading

Sweet sips are available from this literal soul cup. $17, with some color options.

Image of an open book with a yellow bookmark with star cutouts and a dark purple bookmark with moon cutouts.

Whether you’re more of a moon witch, a sun witch, or a “both” witch, these bookmarks will call your name. $3 each. At the time of writing, only the sun is available, but be sure to mark it for supplies!

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