New Jeans Kpop Girl Group Profile, Members Name, Age, Debut Song Schedule, Date, Time, Website, Photo, Instagram, Meaning

The lead track “Attention” by the five-piece girl group New Jeans created by HYBE and ADOR has already been pre-released, the girl group Kpop knows profile, members, name, age, website

It appears that following the controversial debut of Le Sserafim and subsequent success on the HYBE (All Doors One Room) label, HYBE will now debut their second girl group under their subsidiary label ADOR. Five members of the new female group NewJeans (New Jeans), who had kept HYBE and ADOR secret for months, debuted on July 22 together with the pre-debut single “Attention”.

New Jeans Kpop Girl Group Profile, Member Name, Age, Debut Song Schedule, Date, Time, Website, Photo, Instagram and Meaning

As evidenced by the release of a pre-debut single at the same time that all five members were introduced to the public, HYBE takes their new female group considerably more seriously in the wake of events involving their former six-member group Le Sserafim and former member Garam. Additionally, ADOR and HYBE provided the track lineup for NewJeans’ forthcoming debut album. The new girl group by HYBE and ADOR will release their mini-album on August 1st and make their debut in front of the general public with the title single “Cookie”.

To Attention, New Jeans will release their second MV titled Hype Boy on July 23 at 12:00 AM KST and on July 25 at 12:00 AM KST New Jeans will release their third music video Hurt.

On August 1st, the group will release their fourth and final MV Cookie at 6pm KST/5am ET and their debut Extended Play will be released digitally along with Cookie MV on August 1st.

The group will perform on music shows including M Countdown on August 4th, Music Bank on August 5th and Inkigayo on August 6th.

NewJeans: What does that mean?

The creation of the NewJeans group was the brainchild of Min Hee-jin, who also founded Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x) and EXO. Girl group NewJeans will be performing live for the first time in August and their mascot will be a hare (rabbit). The girl group’s name and the meaning of their unique nickname were also discussed by Creative Director Min Hee-jin. The person responsible for founding the new women’s group claimed that pop music is a culture closely linked to everyday life, much like the clothes we wear on a daily basis. Members of NewJeans: who are they?

Hee-jin claims that promoting the group NewJeans is intended to make them idols of the present day. NewJeans strives to always be in fashion, just like a nice pair of jeans that never goes out of style. According to Min Hee-jin, the NewJeans group will emulate the versatility of denim for everyday wear. She went on to clarify that the group’s name, which is a pun on the word “New Genes,” signifies their status as a new-age K-pop group and also has a double meaning.

Who are the members of NewJeans?

Five people make up the up-and-coming girl group NewJeans from HYBE sub-label ADOR, featuring the first Vietnamese female idol in K-pop and four Koreans. Four members of the female group NewJeans hail from Korea, while one of them is part Australian ancestry, adding to their appeal outside as well. NewJeans members range in age from 18 to Maknae, who is just 14 (international age).

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The members of NewJeans are listed below.

  1. Kim Min-ji – Korean born, 2004 liner
  1. Hani – born in Vietnam, 2004 liner
  1. Danielle – Korean-Australian, liner 2005
  1. Hae-rin – Korean born, 2006 liner
  1. Lee Hye-in – 2008 Korean-born liner

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