Neighbors’ final scene was a tear-jerking nostalgia trip, and fans aren’t okay

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This article contains major spoilers for the Neighbors finale.

Neighbors said goodbye with the “perfect mix” of nostalgia and sentiment as the final episode aired in the UK on Friday night.

Fans of the Australian soap opera were furious when the show closed after 37 years with a poignant monologue from longtime Ramsay Street resident Susan Kennedy, played by Jackie Woodburne.

The emotional scene came as former Ramsay Street residents returned to their old haunt to say goodbye to neighbors in style, including Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Guy Pearce.

Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue returned to Neighbors for the finale

After much hype, Kylie and Jason finally reprized their roles as ’80s power couple Scott and Charlene Robinson, granting longtime fans their wish 34 years after their last appearance.

There wasn’t much dialogue from the pair, however, as Kylie only got five words to say: “Home, sweet home,” “Jane!” and “Harald!”

Elsewhere, the show reunited another of their beloved pairings when Jane Harris (Annie Jones) agreed to try her former love Mike Young, who played Guy Pearce, who had flown in from Hollywood to shoot scenes for The Swan Song filming soap.

Jane and Mike got their happy ending
Jane and Mike got their happy ending

He wasn’t the only big movie star to appear, however, as Margot Robbie reprized her breakthrough role as Donna Freedman in a montage of video messages sent in for the wedding of the unflappable Erinsborough native Toadie Rebecchi to Melanie Pearson.

Natalie Imbruglia and Holly Valance also filmed a special scene together from London to pay tribute to their characters Beth Brennan and Flick Scully.

Margot Robbie appeared as Donna Freedman in a video message
Margot Robbie appeared as Donna Freedman in a video message
Natalie Imbruglia and Holly Valance played Beth Brennan and Flick Scully
Natalie Imbruglia and Holly Valance played Beth Brennan and Flick Scully

As some residents, old and current, gathered outside to celebrate Toadie and Mel’s wedding, Susan Kennedy could be seen gazing fondly at her friends and neighbors while actor Jackie Woodburne narrated a moving entry in the Ramsay Street History Book – a device that featured throughout the final weeks of the show.

“How do you begin to describe a street?” She began. “Are you talking about the houses? The bricks and mortar, the gardens and the trees?

“Or are you talking about the people? The young, the old and everyone in between? Where do you start the story? Your own or those that came before you?

Susan Kennedy takes one last walk down Ramsay Street
Susan Kennedy takes one last walk down Ramsay Street

β€œWhen we moved to Ramsay Street the community was already here. The Ramsays, the Robinsons. The stories from those beginnings are legendary and their legacy lives on today.

β€œOver the years there have been many families of all shapes and sizes. Some of them unexpected. And friends who became like family, whether they were related or not.

β€œLove has always been a central theme. How many romances have been born down this street?”

She continued, “The road always has a way of bringing people back. Then I think of the people who can’t come back. People left way too soon. What would they look like if they were alive today? If they had been allowed to reach their potential? So many people lost…”

Viewers then got glimpses of actors Terence Donovan, Anne Charleston, Eve Morey and Benny Turland, while their beloved deceased characters Doug Willis, Madge Bishop, Sonya Rebecchi and Hendrix Grayson appeared as ghosts.

Madge Bishop and Doug Willis appeared as ghosts in the episode
Madge Bishop and Doug Willis appeared as ghosts in the episode

Alluding to the show’s loyal fan base, Susan continued, “Everyone deserves a place in Ramsay Street history, even those who have watched us from afar…”

“Together we were the perfect mix,” Susan emotionally concluded, referring to the show’s iconic theme tune, the original version of which began playing when Barry Crocker’s vocals were last heard over Ramsay Street.

“Susan? Where were you just now?” said her husband Karl and interrupted her daydream.

“I was at home,” she replied.

Susan and Karl had the last take in the very last episode of Neighbors
Susan and Karl had the last take in the very last episode of Neighbors

As the neighbors continued their street party, the show went down in television history as its 37-year run ended with a special photomontage and remix of different versions of its theme tune.

The fans were left but saw the ending as the perfect farewell…

Neighbors was axed in March after 37 years when a search for a new UK broadcast partner proved unsuccessful, leaving Australia’s Network 10 with a funding gap.

Channel 5 – which bore most of the soap’s production costs – had previously announced it would be ending the show here in the UK, where it’s been far more popular in recent years.

However, when the final episode aired in Australia on Thursday night, it garnered the highest rating from Neighbors Down Under in 13 years, as 1.2million visited the ever-sunny suburb of Erinsborough for the last time.

Neighbors: The final can be watched on My5.

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