Nayte Olukoya moves to Michelle Split, Deandra Update to LA

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What is actually wrong with Nayte Olukoya after his separation from Michelle Young? Us weekly has an exclusive update on the bachelorette The Season 18 winner rocked Bachelor Nation a month after his broken engagement.

“Nayte moved to Los Angeles two weeks ago. It’s something he’s had in the back of his mind for a while,” says a source Usnotices that he shares a seat with another bachelorette Season 18 contestant Rodney Mathews. “Nayte wants to get into modeling. He’s still doing tech sales, so modeling would be more of a hobby.”

The source adds, “He’s enjoying the summer, spending time with friends and settling down in LA. He’ll be traveling more, like he did to Cancun in August.”

Olukoya, 28, and Young, 29, announced their split last month and it wasn’t long before he was linked Deandra Canoe following photos of Bachelor Season 24 alum wears his necklace at his birthday party in July. According to the source, “There’s absolutely nothing going on between Nayte and Deandra.”

“Giving her his necklace to wear was just a friendly gesture,” the source points out. “Nayte is single and happy with it – he doesn’t want to get into another relationship right away. He doesn’t go out and he’s not on the prowl. He’s happy to be single.”

However, Mathews and Kanu aren’t Olukoya’s only friends on Bachelor Nation. He reunited with Young’s runner-up – Brandon Jones – at CELSIUS Energy Drinks Arctic Vibe: Sparkling Frozen Berry Launch Party and Joia Beach in Miami, Florida on Thursday, July 21. According to an eyewitness, the men appeared to be “good friends” and were enjoying themselves zedd‘s DJ set at the bash.

Before moving to California from Texas, Olukoya planned to move to Minnesota to be with Young after her proposal aired in December 2021 The Bachelorette. After news of their split broke in June, he addressed the fact that he never made the move.

“Plans changed when we decided not to rush things and get to know each other on a deeper level before taking the plunge into living together,” he wrote via Instagram Stories. “There is no rush in life. There is no set of rules or timetable for how you should manage your relationship. We believed that since love was there, everything would come naturally and in its own time. … We tried it. It did not work. We are sad about that. We all grieve differently.”

For her part, Young has been open about having good days and bad days after the breakup. During an appearance on the Almost Famous podcast earlier this month, she hinted that the breakup caught her off guard.

“I’ll say I didn’t anticipate this and I’ll leave it at that,” the former teacher said.

bachelorette Season 18 cohost Kaitlyn Bristol reiterated her comments on her Off the Vine podcast earlier this month.

“She was confused because I think it was after her birthday and she said, ‘Wait, what?’ I don’t know what happened,” said Bristowe, 37. “I don’t know for sure — it’s just my opinion. I’m like, ‘Did he just like the attention or did he find someone else?’ Because it felt abrupt.”

With reporting by Diana Cooper

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