Ms. Marvel’s cut X-Men Easter egg revealed in concept art

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 concept art features an X-Men Easter egg with an AvengersCon attendee cosplaying as Cyclops the team leader.

New concept art by Mrs Miracle‘s first episode reveals a cut-out Easter egg that references popular X-Men Character Cyclops. The series was the first to officially mention the presence of mutants in Earth-616 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, following Patrick Stewart’s appearance as Earth-838’s Charles Xavier Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. With the revelation that Kamala Khan’s genes had a “mutation” while the X Men ’97 The theme played out in the background has given Marvel Studios the opportunity to slowly introduce mutants into the MCU before they inevitably form a team X-Men Movie.


The inclusion of mutants in the MCU has been a long time coming. For misleading the audience by having Evan Peters reprise his role from The Fox X-Men Universe as Quicksilver in WandaVision, just for him to play a random guy named “Ralph Bohner,” left audiences wondering when mutants would make their screen debut. It looks like they’ll be introduced gradually in the coming phases of the MCU, but brand new concept art out Ms. Marvel’s first episode unveils a rather exciting nod to one of dating’s most popular characters X-Men.

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One of the show’s concept artists, Shae Sharz, has shared concept art from the AvengerCon episode 1 sequence on ArtStation. In one of the images, a cosplayer dressed as a Cyclops takes a selfie with another cosplayer behind a Giant Man statue. This moment was ultimately cut from the series, but would have been the first time that a X-Men Character was referenced directly in the 616 MCU. Check out the concept art below:

Ms Marvel AvengersCon Cyclops concept art

Given that allusions have been made in titles such as mutants WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it’s not surprising that Marvel considered having an Easter egg that referenced a mutant directly before they made their screen debut in the MCU. It’s also not surprising that Marvel considered adding at least one character from the X-Men to AvengerCon, given that sequence was packed with Easter eggs and references from previous MCU titles. And since Mrs Miracle Had Kamala Khan’s origins changed from Inhuman to Mutant, this Easter egg would have been a hidden clue to the series finale’s biggest reveal.

Mutants will officially make their debut at Marvel Studios X Men ’97, although the series is not intended to be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, an Easter egg for Cyclops without the character being introduced in the MCU likely means audiences will see mutants in the main Marvel Cinematic universe sooner or later. And that Kamala Khan turned out to be a mutant Mrs Miracle also adds speculation on her introduction to the franchise. But where they will be introduced in the coming phases of the MCU remains to be seen.

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Credit: Shae Sharz/Artstation

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