Ms. Marvel has already revealed the answer to her costume mystery

Viewers have been wondering when Kamala Khan will don her infamous Ms. Marvel costume, but it seems teases have been coming throughout the season.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Mrs Miracle

Viewers have been wondering where Kamala Khan’s costume will come from Mrs Miracle, but now they may have the answer. Ever since the charismatic Kamala was introduced Mrs Miracle In Episode 1, she is taken on a journey around the world as she discovers her family heritage and confronts new and exciting superpowers. However, audiences have yet to see Kamala in her infamous lightning bolt costume as Ms. Marvel.

through Mrs Miracle, Kamala Khan has discovered her new hard light abilities after discovering a mysterious bracelet that belonged to her great-grandmother Aisha, revealed to be a Djinn from the Noor dimension. Both in the US and after a trip to Pakistan, Kamala has uncovered the mysteries of her family history while grappling with her new status as one of her idol superheroes. Along the way, viewers have seen Kamala collect various items that tease the eventual creation of her costume, which audiences have already seen in promotional material Ms Marvel, including Aisha’s bracelet, Kamala’s trademark, a mask from Bruno, a red dress, a blue vest, a gift from Red Dagger leader Waleed, a scarf from Kareem and finally Kamala’s necklace – which once spelled her first name in Arabic now forms after breaking the shape of a lightning bolt.


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Kamala has yet to put the costume on, but they tease each other again Mrs Miracle Episode 1 suggests that the costume creator was under her nose the entire time. Mrs Miracle Episode 5, “Over and Over”, finally reveals Kamala’s secret identity of her mother Muneeba and grandmother Sana. In Episode 1, after Kamala convinced her parents to let her go to Avengercon, Muneeba sewed together matching Hulk costumes for Kamala and her father, which were met with disdain by the teenager, but while this scene chilled some, it proved She credits Muneeba’s amazing costume design skills, perhaps suggesting that she could be the one to design Kamala’s own superhero costume.

Kamala’s mom making her Ms. Marvel costume would be perfect

Muneeba Sana Ms Marvel Episode 5

To have Kamala’s mother design her daughter’s costume from pieces she had collected Mrs Miracle would be the perfect moment to come full circle. For the first half of the series, Muneeba couldn’t understand Kamala’s dreams, but if she created the infamous Ms. Marvel costume, it would be proof that she accepts her daughter for who she is and who she wants to be. Not only that, it would also give Muneeba a chance to redeem herself after creating embarrassing Hulk costumes Mrs Miracle Episode 1, this time putting together a costume that Kamala will love.

Throughout Kamala’s collection of trinkets Mrs Miracle which will one day become elements of their costume, makes the superhero experience all the more personal for the teenager. Each piece of the costume represents a part of Kamala’s identity, adding a unique twist to the superhero origin story for her. Muneeba, who assembles each of these pieces into a costume that completes Kamala’s superhero identity, will be the satisfying final piece to this puzzle.

With a sequence of Mrs Miracle The movie, set for release on July 13, is sure to see viewers see Kamala Khan dress up and take on the nickname Ms. Marvel. Both Kamala and the rest of her family will appear in the upcoming one The wonders in 2023, suggesting that Kamala’s new identity as a superhero will only bring her family closer together. It is believed that the last episode of Mrs Miracle will center Kamala in a battle against the Department of Damage Control, complete with family support and costume in tow.

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Consequences of Mrs Miracle airs Wednesdays on Disney+

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