Ms. Marvel concept art transforms the MCU hero into Sonic the Hedgehog

Early Ms. Marvel concept art showcases a player-inspired take on Kamala Khan’s “hard light” abilities in terms of color, shape, and literal level design.

Kamala Khan’s Skills in Mrs Miracle looked very different in pre-production and took inspiration from video games.

As reported by The Direct, Marvel Visual Development Supervisor Jackson Sze shared a piece of keyframe art on Twitter, revealing an early version of Kamala manipulating hard light in her costume. Not only is the keyframe’s hard light yellow-orange instead of blue-purple, but it also takes on some larger, more versatile forms to help Ms. Marvel move around Jersey City, including ramps, slides, and floating cubes. Sze described this approach as “leaning into her as a player and how her powers manifest to reflect her youth and passion.” The artwork was well received by Twitter users, with some comparing Sze’s imagery to Classic’s level design Sonic the Hedgehog games.

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Eventually, Mrs Miracle limited Kamala’s hard light forms to objects like platforms and shields, although she was inspired in the second episode after watching Bruno play a video game on his phone. In the finale, Kamala augmented her bangle powers by using huge, stretchy crystalized arms and legs against damage control agents, evoking her comic book transformation abilities. Although some fans criticized the change of power in advance Mrs Miracle‘s release, executive producer Sana Amanat defended this loose adaptation, calling it “familiar to people, but at the same time different in a fresh and unique way”.

Ms. Marvel needs to go fast

Mrs Miracle also ended with a second, more notable change in the origin story of Kamala’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. Where her comic book counterpart is an Inhuman, Kamala’s friend Bruno revealed in the finale that he had found a genetic “mutation” in Kamala that wasn’t shared by her family members. This reveal followed by a musical note reminiscent of X-Men: The Animated Series, implied that Ms. Marvel is the first confirmed mutant in the MCU. According to Amanat, she and her co-creator G. Willow Wilson wanted to write Kamala as a mutant but ended up giving her an inhuman origin associated with the post-infinity Introducing NuHumans to Marvel Comics.

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Outside of the MCU, Marvel is working on an animated sequel to the 1990s classic X-Men caricature, titled X Men ’97. The series will be shown alongside other upcoming cartoons such as For example, received a panel at San Diego Comic-Con Marvel zombies and Spider-Man: Freshman Year. In the meantime, Mrs Miracle Actor Iman Vellani reprized her role for the Disney Wish cruise interactive dining experience Avengers: Quantum Encounter, although its story takes place in a variant timeline. Kamala’s TV story will continue in 2023 The wonderswhere she first works with Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel.

Mrs Miracle Season 1 is now streaming on Disney+.

Source: Twitter via The Direct

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