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Amazon Prime adapts Casey McQuiston’s debut novel Red, White and Royal Blue into a movie. Taylor Zakhar Perez (The kissing booth 2 & 3) is Alex Claremont-Diaz, first son of the President of the United States in a world where the Democratic Party nominee won the 2016 election. His mother, Ellen Claremont, is portrayed by Uma Thurman. His accomplice, Prince Henry from across the pond, is played by Nicholas Galitzine (Cinderella).

The book was an instant hit and became one New York Times Best seller and garnered a large following in the book-related space of TikTok called #BookTok. It’s no surprise that a film adaptation with this kind of buzz was on the horizon. There’s no word yet on whether McQuiston’s second novel, One last stopwhich follows two queer characters who meet on a subway train, although one of them is stuck there due to a time-travelling incident, but will get its own adaptation.


Red, White and Royal Blue is in production now, which means it won’t (probably) hit screens until sometime next year. Until then, you’ll have time to read the book, get to know the characters and what they’re going through, and discover your favorite parts. Here are some moments that should be included in the film adaptation, even if they aren’t everyone’s favorite.

The Cake Collision

It wouldn’t be Red, White and Royal Blue without the cake incident. This event is all to the book. It’s the reader’s first introduction to the dynamics of Alex and Henry, their story, and why Alex feels as strong as he did when he started. The incident kickstarts their courtship spree to show they get along well, leading to the two texting and becoming closer.

Without the cake there is no loving relationship between them. If the cake scene doesn’t happen, the plot doesn’t happen. There is really no way around it.

The black and white of Henry

While much of the book is from Alex’s point of view, it is through his eyes that the two sides of Prince Henry are shown. Readers see him evolve from being a very stiff, pointed person in public to the easygoing, loving man he is behind closed doors. A film gives more space to show this side of Henry from his point of view. They might even take inspiration from the bonus Henry chapter included in the new collector’s edition of the book, due out later this year.

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Without the two different sides of Henry, his relationship with Alex doesn’t exactly make sense. Her public and private life depends on Henry as Alex is not expected to hide who he is from the world (except during his mother’s re-election campaign). Much of this was the way they were exposed to the press, as the First Son was not trained from an early age to present himself to the public like a Prince of Wales.

Readers finally see both sides of Henry unite as he stands up for himself to his family and defends his decision to be with Alex. Without the clear sides of Henry, this final stand loses its meaning, so involving both sides of the character is crucial for the scene to have the impact it’s intended for.

The pop culture references

One of the things that do Red, White and Royal Blue So understandable, even if you’re not the son of the first US President or a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, the references to iconic media franchises, such as Parks and Recreation, war of starsand even Harry Potter. That Harry Potter References were removed and changed in a recent update to the book to refer to other popular franchises such as star trek, DC comics, Draculaand Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

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While the film is already in production, we hope that if any pop culture references are included, they reflect the latest version of the book. Depending on what was included, it can be easy to make a quick script change. There’s also a chance those involved in the film knew these changes were coming, either because the publisher or the writer had told them and planned accordingly. Ultimately, it would be a disservice to the author’s vision to ignore the edits she made to the text. It would even date the film, since fans of the book know about the changes and when they happened, and dating the film is the last thing those behind it should want.

The house at the lake

Like the cake collision, what happens at the lake house is a turning point in their relationship. After an emotional conversation with his father, Alex realizes what Henry means to him. The two young adults share some really important moments, and it’s the last moment of calm before what happens in the following chapters. After the lake house, the pair came out, with videos and photos leaked of some of their previous get-togethers. This creates a number of issues that need to be addressed by the two men’s promotional teams.

Just as the pie scene is a turning point from hate to love for her, the lake house is a turning point from her own bubble to the world. For this reason, it should be included in the customization.

If you’re not too busy sneaking into hotels for secret meetings, you can catch Nicholas Galitzine in his next film, purple heartsthis month on Netflix.

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