Metal Gear Solid Fan Art casts Jensen Ackles as Solid Snake

Metal Gear Solid fan art features Jensen Ackles as Solid Snake, showing a striking resemblance between The Boys star and video game hero.

After showing himself from another side The youngNew Solid metal gear Fan art casts Jensen Ackles as franchise hero Solid Snake. Developed by Hideo Kojima, the action-thriller video game franchise generally puts players in the role of Solid Snake or Big Boss as they attempt to infiltrate an enemy base and discover the whereabouts of the eponymous superweapon. That Solid metal gear Gaming franchise consists of seven mainline installments and 14 spin-off titles, more or less ending with the 2015 titles Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and 2018 Survive Metal Gear following Kojima’s infamous breakup with publisher Konami during the former’s production.


That Solid metal gear games have largely received rave reviews for their stealth mechanics, cinematic cutscenes, and themed storytelling, and have sold over 58 million copies as of December 2021. With its popularity in the gaming space, it tries to adapt Solid metal gear The film has suffered for well over a decade, starting as far back as 2006 when Kojima himself announced he would be involved in the development of the project. There has been some steam around the potential in recent years Solid metal gear Film, including the search for its star, although one fan has a different opinion on who should direct the project.

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As the live-action film continues to be in development, artists Stephen Ford took to Twitter to share his idea of ​​who should play Solid Snake Solid metal gear. The fan art castings The young Star Jensen Ackles as the franchise hero along with a similar-looking character Metal Gear Solid 4‘s Raiden is in the background. Check out the art below:

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Ackles first rose to stardom while directing The CW’s long-running drama supernaturalhowever, he has made an international name for himself with his work at Prime Video The young Season 3 as world first Supe, Soldier Boy. Unlike his Dean Winchester days, Ackles has brought a darker energy to his Soldier Boy days while still capturing the character’s darker humor, which would make him a great candidate to bring Solid Snake to life on screen awaken Also, with his growing beard replacing the clean-shaven Dean, fans of the Solid metal gear Franchise will be sure that Ackles’ fan art as Solid Snake makes an interesting argument for his cast.

Although the fan art makes a good case for Ackle’s casting as Solid Snake, many are confident that the announced casting choice of Oscar Isaac as Solid Snake for the Solid metal gear Movie. Now 16 years old, the film remains stuck in development, with Isaac providing an update a few months ago that director Jordan Vogt-Roberts and the writers were still looking for the right story for the adaptation. As they await further updates on the film, fans can look forward to revisiting Delisted Solid metal gear Games returning to digital storefronts in time for the franchise’s 35th anniversary.

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Source: Stephen Ford/ Twitter

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