Meghan Markle’s son Archie looks gorgeous on playdate with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – photos

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are allowed to live in the United States with their children Archiethree, and Lilibet, one, but in the past Archie has had some delightful playdates with his cousins, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking outing we saw them enjoy together was in the summer of 2019 when meghan and the Duchess of Cambridge took their children to watch Prince William and Prince Harry playing in a polo match at Wokingham in July of that year.

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The event marked the first time royal fans were able to see the then two-month-old with his cousins ​​in public. While William and Kate stopped by to see their nephew shortly after his birth in May 2019, the couple waited a while before introducing their three children to their little cousin.

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The polo match was the first time the Cambridge kids got a proper hit on Archie. HELLO! in fact, learned that George had already met his cousin by that point – but the details of that meeting were never disclosed.

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It is not uncommon for royal children to meet their relatives much later. In 2014, George was not introduced to his cousin billionthe daughter of Zara and Mike Tindalluntil she was two months old.

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Archie slept in his mother’s arms throughout the game, but Prince George appeared to be checking in on his cousin at various points throughout the day.

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George, wearing a green polo shirt, was seen chatting to his aunt Meghan. Maybe one day we’ll see the royal cousins ​​play in matches together, just like their fathers?

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Kate had her hands full with what was then a one-year-old Prince Louis, who was pictured running across the field. The Duchesses stayed cool in the shade throughout the game, with Kate opting for a pink patterned sundress by LK Bennett and Meghan looking effortlessly chic in an olive linen dress by designer Lisa Marie Fernandez.

At one point, Louis’ mother could be seen removing Kate’s sunglasses while Meghan and Archie watched Harry play.

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Louis provided plenty of comedic moments during the game when he stumbled towards his aunt and little cousin wearing Kate’s Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Kate could be seen laughing while chatting with her sister-in-law while Louis stuck out his tongue and waved.

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Meghan seemed amused by her cheeky nephew!

Charlotte was seen with Kate, Louis, Meghan and Archie during the game. She and George were also spotted playing soccer on the sidelines.

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