Meghan Markle’s ‘clingy’ gesture instantly changes Harry’s demeanor.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were in New York City on Monday for Harry to deliver a keynote address at the UN to mark Nelson Mandela’s International Day. Jesús Enrique Rosas, also known as The Body Language Guy on YouTube, analyzed the looks and interactions of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He claimed Harry’s behavior changed when Meghan touched him or held his hand.

In his latest YouTube video, Jesús describes the shape Meghan’s hand takes when holding Harry as a ‘claw’.

The expert began: “Before Harry gave his speech, they were sitting together, Harry was completely relaxed, you can see his hands on his legs, you can see that Harry was smiling at that moment, with a genuine smile.

“But then Meghan goes and grabs his hands, you can confirm Harry was still smiling at that moment.

“And Meghan does it casually, she looked at him and then looked away.

“What happens to his facial expression as soon as she touches his hand?

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“And she does it again – clingy,” Jesús suggested.

“And then him [Prince Harry] looks nervous, he starts that nervousness the moment she grabbed his arm, he starts rubbing the flap of his jacket, his knees start jumping again like they do when he’s nervous.

“His face is also tense at this moment. There are so many signals at the same time!

“He’s obviously nervous and he’s venting – if you put your tongue on his cheek he’ll do it, his attitude has completely changed,” the body language expert claimed.

“You stay in that position, he’s unusually stiff, look at his neck, it’s perfectly straight, it doesn’t move much.

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“He tries to relax a little, she lets go of him, he starts spinning his ring, his wedding ring, spins it, she touches it. It’s a little looser, more normal.”

Jesús continued: “After the speech, Harry goes back to his seat – this is important for understanding the dynamics of Meghan and Harry’s relationship.

“He sits down, everything is fine so far, they shake hands with people around them, Meghan smiles and he starts talking to this man on his left.

“He steps closer so he can listen, he looks interested, he even reaches out his right hand to touch the man in a friendly gesture, he shakes his hand and it’s like Meghan can’t take it, Watching Harry act like this, she touches him immediately – she raises her hand to touch him.

“It’s like a cue – that cue means ‘stop doing what you’re doing’ and Harry literally stops what he’s doing and she does it again,” Jesús suggested.

“Harry is trying to engage with the man on his left and she keeps touching him like, ‘Hey, I’m here.’ She does it again, I don’t know why she’s so needy, does it over and over again.

“Uncomfortable to watch, he resumes his usual posture, head down, self tense.

“Meghan then grabs Harry’s hand and arm again.”

The pundit concluded: “All right, he’s still trying to engage with the man by his side, Meghan got up first, let’s go, time to go.”

Jesús Enrique Rosas is a body language expert and persuasion consultant. He has written several books and teaches body language analysis master classes for the Knesix Institute.

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