Meghan and Harry walk straight into trap as Archie and Lilibet are ‘valuable prey’ in US now | Royal | news

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made the sensational decision to leave the firm and move to the United States in 2020 in a bid to withdraw from the public spotlight. And Prince Harry has made it clear that his priority is protecting the privacy of his wife Meghan Markle’s two children Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1.

But the couple have been warned that their children will be “exposed to the glare of lenses, both professionals and amateurs,” once they leave their California mansion.

Australian royal writer Daniela Elser warned the couple against being snapped by paparazzi as if they were in the UK.

Writing for the NZ Herald, Ms Elser said: “Harry and Meghan may not enjoy the popularity of Beyonce (recent polls show less than half of Americans view them positively), but the fascination with the nation knows no bounds in its own branch of the royal family .

“In short, the whole family is valuable prey to anyone who might meet the family along the way.

“What does it mean for Archie and his little sister Lilibet to grow up in a country where there is a mature market for iPhone snaps of them?

“The Sussex family may live on a seven-acre estate, but once they set foot outside these gates, they are exposed to the glare of lenses, both professional and amateur.”

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“It’s not that observant locals don’t have opportunities to record or photograph the Cambridge Three, but whether it’s out of politeness, British reticence, or a constant desire to respect their privacy, people never seem to do it.”

The Sussexes returned to the UK in June to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

But Meghan and Harry decided to keep Archie and Lilibet away from public appearances.

It was the first time the family was in the UK altogether, after Harry fought a legal battle over his right to payment for Metropolitan Police protection while he and his family visited the UK – a request the government refused on the grounds , that they were funded by their taxpayers Police security was disrupted after she stepped down from royal duties in 2020.

Harry has argued that he cannot ensure the protection of Meghan and her two children without the Met Police because of their access to British intelligence.

Meghan and Harry lost their taxpayer-funded police protection following their sensational decision to step away from royal duties to pursue new careers in California in 2020.

The couple have since relied on a private security team in the US, but the couple’s legal representatives argue that this team does not have appropriate overseas jurisdiction or access to British intelligence information needed to protect the Sussex family.

The Duke of Sussex took legal action against the Home Office last year to appeal a decision not to offer his household the same level of protection as working royals would.

Harry has previously argued he wanted to bring his son Archie and baby daughter Lilibet with him to visit from the US, but he and his family were “unable to return to his home” because it was too dangerous, a legal representative said.

But the dispute appeared to be temporarily put aside when Prince Harry returned to the UK with his wife and children to celebrate his beloved grandmother’s momentous anniversary celebrations.

The pair have largely stayed out of the limelight, only officially attending a thanksgiving service for the Queen, their first public appearance together in the UK since stepping down from royal duties.

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