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Prince Harry opens up about his hopes for Archie and Lillibet’s future

Readers suspect that Lilibet will not figure prominently in royal history, no matter how often she visits the UK, as she is only eighth in line to the throne. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle brought their one-year-old daughter Lilibet to the UK for the first time last month, and royal experts suggest they fear she will be “erased from royal history”.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, royal expert Neil Sean said: “According to this good source, both Harry and Meghan seem to feel their daughter will be written out of history.”

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He claimed that because the family lives in Montecito, California, they have limited opportunities to connect with the royal family.

Mr Sean explained: “If you think about it logically, when will they next come back?

“When will the opportunity arise to take a formal portrait with our gracious monarch?

Meghan and Harry have hit out over alleged concerns about Lili’s royal rank (Image: Chris Jackson/Getty and Archewell/PA)

In a poll that ran from 2pm Thursday 21 July to 11am Monday 25 July, asked readers: “Should Lilibet return to the UK to avoid being ‘out of the to be deleted from royal history?”

A total of 7,285 people replied, with the vast majority, 95 per cent (6,890 people) answering ‘no’ that Lilibet should not return to the UK.

Meanwhile, four percent (323 people) said yes, they should, and another percent (72 people) said they didn’t know.

Hundreds of comments were left under the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on Lilibet and her future in royal history.


Lilibet first visited the UK in June for the Platinum Jubilee (Image: Archewell/PA)

Most readers were against the idea of ​​Lilibet returning to the UK with her parents and older brother Archie, three.

Since then, the Sussex family have reportedly been invited to spend time with the Queen at Balmoral this summer.

A source told The Sun on Sunday July 24: “Balmoral is the perfect place for her to spend some quality time with the Queen. They barely got 15 minutes with her at the anniversary.”

Username Delphinium wrote: “We don’t want or need anyone from the Sussex family ever to come to the UK.”

Another, username stephenL, said: “Harry and Meghan wanted a life in the US with their family. They did, so why would their daughter come to the UK?

Some have suggested that Lilibet played a limited role in royal history as she was at the bottom of the line of succession and her position is likely to decline in the future.

Username Yorkshire Girls 2 said: “Even though they’ve returned [to the UK] She would not go down in royal history.

“About the only people in royal history are real monarchs, and she never will be.

“She is currently eighth in line. When the Queen comes over she will temporarily move up a spot, but after that when the Cambridge children have children of their own she will only ever go down.


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successor line

Lilibet is eighth in line to the throne (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

Username Budbud said: “Give him another generation when George, Charlotte and Louis have children and she is erased from royal history regardless of how many times she returns to the UK.”

And username Goldielover said, “No. They will be largely unknown in a few generations anyway. It is normal.

“That’s what happens, after all, with the children of younger sons or daughters of the monarch.”

Another, username JanetWCQ1958, said: “She’s nothing more than a footnote in royal history anyway.”

Username asjuk said: “Why should she? She is no more relevant than Beatrice, Eugenie or Zara.”

Some readers have argued that Harry and Meghan’s decision to step down from their positions as senior working members of the royal family two years ago further jeopardized their children’s position in royal history.

Username prestonfan1 said: “Her parents wrote her out of royal history, her choice.”

Username Grockle said, “Harry and Meghan wrote themselves out of history and, as a result, wrote their children out as well.”

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