MAX CAVALERA: Don’t blame my wife for breaking up with SEPULTURA’s classic lineup

SEPULTURA‘s classic line-up broke up in 1996 with the departure of the frontman Max Cavalera after the rest of the band split from his wife glory as their manager. His brother, drummer Igor KavaleraHe stayed with the group for 10 more years before leaving SEPULTURA and reunite with Max CAVALERA CONSPIRACY.

Even though SEPULTURA has cultivated a die-hard fan base in all parts of the world throughout the band’s more than three and a half decade history, Max-era albums “Root” and “Chaos AD” were by far SEPULTURAis the most commercially successful, having both gone gold in the US for sales in excess of five hundred thousand copies.

In a new interview with “The Dan Chan Show”, Max was asked if he thought the rest of the band would carry on without him after he decided to leave the group in December 1996. He replied (as transcribed from BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I think judging by their personalities, yes I do [thought] they would go on.” On how he felt about the other members going on with the band he had helped form, Max said: “It’s really mixed feelings, mostly because I and Igor being there at the very, very beginning and no one who is in the band [now] was there – not even Paulo [Xisto Pinto Jr., bass] was there at the very beginning. So it feels very personal and sacred that you were there in the very beginning and now you’re not. At the same time, it’s one of those things in life that just happens and you have to move on to other things.”

Max continued: “I have no regrets. It’s like everything – it ran its course. One of those things, but I’ll say this, it’s extremely frustrating to me that some of the fans don’t get it, and it’s really easy to blame people for that. And a lot of people end up blaming my wife. glory. They always say, ‘She broke up the band.’ And the truth is we’ve grown apart; we started hating each other man It happened THE BEATLES and it’s happened to many other bands — PANTERA. It just is. We just didn’t find joy in playing together anymore and it was time to move on. So it’s a cheap try to blame her: “Let’s just blame her. She must be the reason this happened.’ And it’s like, no – not at all. we are the reason. I’d rather blame her me than her or anyone else. blame me SEPULTURA separate. I’d much prefer that.”

Igor and Max have spent much of the past six years celebrating the 20th anniversary of SEPULTURA‘s “Root” and 30th anniversary “Among the Remains” and “Develop” Albums on tour worldwide.

Back in 2016, SEPULTURA guitarist Andreas Kuesser said Australia Noisy that he didn’t mind Max and Igor did the whole thing “Root” album on their tour. “I don’t care,” he said. “Everyone does what they want. If he feels like it’s good for his career, whatever, man. It doesn’t change what I do. It’s like a… It’s weird to comment on something like that because it’s weird to me . [Laughs] I don’t see the point. You have so many different projects. Actually they left SEPULTURA for these projects, and now they are playing SEPULTURA. I don’t understand such an attitude. But whatever, man. I respect every kind of opinion and of course I don’t agree with all of them, but people are free to do whatever they want. You just have to live with the consequences – that’s all.”

kisser said in a September 2014 interview that all the talk of reuniting the band’s classic line-up was “a pain in the ass”, adding that the band was upset by “all the pressure of this reunion bullshit, especially this one side, especially Max and glory always touch on that subject.”

He continued: “You know, ever since [Max] left the band, we’re used to dealing with it, but eventually it’s enough. I mean, in the end it was his decision to leave the band; We never fired anyone, we just fired our manager – we fired glory – but we never shot Max or Igor or [ex-SEPULTURA drummer] jean [Dolabella]. Everyone left the band because they felt it wasn’t the right place. And that’s okay. You can not [force] someone who is there just to be there as a puppet.”

SEPULTURA‘s current lineup — Paulo, AndrewSinger Derrick Green and drummer Eloy Casagrande — has released his latest album, “square”in February 2020 about Nuclear Blast records.

Photo credit: Jim Louvau

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