Marvel Producer Disproves James Gunn’s Claim About MCU Groot Continuity

There’s a lot about them Guardians of the Galaxy Franchise that audiences love. From the lovable Peter Quill to the catchy music and the talking raccoons, the group is an absolute favorite for many. But there’s another little part of the franchise that some fans have really fallen in love with: Baby Groot.

So it makes sense that Marvel Studios would benefit from the little walking tree i am groot. In the collection of five short films, Vin Diesel’s mischievous plant is up to no good. But when exactly do these escapades take place?

Well loud Guardian Director James Gunn himself does not see them as part of Earth-616. The director noted what he believes “They are canon unto themselves” and the “They are…not necessarily part of the Guardians saga.”

Now, a major Marvel Studios producer may have directly contradicted Gunn’s claims by saying that the little shorts are actually part of the MCU’s main canon.

MCU I’m Groot continuity clarified


i am groot Speaking to, producer Brad Winderbaum revealed that the upcoming animated short is canon for the MCU’s Earth-616, despite recent comments from James Gunn.

He confirmed that “It takes place… between the end of guard 2 and before the day scene:”

“It’s a narrow window, right? It actually takes place between the end of Guardians 2 and before the tag scene in Guardians 2. So in that narrow window, Groot is in that kind of post-toddler stage of development… and it’s been very exciting, James [Gunn] Also, James knew Kirsten’s work and was excited to work with her as well.”

The show’s director, Kristen Lepore, revealed how she “educated [Guardians 2] from the front to the back,” like she tried “do [Groot] justice and keep all his heart and soul [the] Series:”

“Yeah, I mean Guardians 2, I’ve obviously been studying front to back researching for this character… We’ve been really careful to make sure we’ve been through all those moments, and we also have conversations with James Gunn about the character conducted just to make sure we can truly do justice to him and keep his heart and soul throughout our series. But yeah, I mean that opening sequence where he’s dancing and they’re all fighting and everything, amazing. Very inspirational for this series.”

Since the character first appeared in one of Gunn’s films, Lepore shared how she did it “had great meetings with [him]” throughout the process and that one of his pieces of advice was to treat Baby Groot “as an emoji guy:”

“I’ve had great meetings with James at multiple points in the process … The main one being our first kickoff meeting where we basically just talked about this amazing character he created just to make sure we could make it baby.” Groot the way we’re supposed to. And I remember him telling me, ‘Oh yeah, he’s a bad baby. Plus he’s like an emoji guy,” which made me laugh. And I liked to repeat that again and again in meetings. I thought we had to make sure we got those poses and facial expressions right because all he has is two eyes in one mouth. He doesn’t even have a nose, it’s a very limited face. So it’s like an emoji, nails and emotions and expression. We had to do the same with Groot.”

I am continuity?

One has to wonder, when these individuals say the show is canon, are they simply referring to the multiverse? Or does the show literally take place in the movie timeline?

It only matters if something directly contradicts something in the established story. As short and limited as the short films are, audiences probably don’t have much to worry about.

After all, the time between the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and his post-credits scene is a long stretch — considering how Groot grew into his teenage self. So there’s plenty of time to fool around in the upcoming animated series.

All five shorts from i am groot Hit Disney+ on Wednesday, August 10th.

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