Marvel made 3 changes to Daredevil’s first MCU costume

Several new appearances have been confirmed for Daredevil since his reappearance in the MCU, but he now has another new look in the She Hulk trailer.

With Daredevil: Reborn announced at Comic-con 2022 and Daredevil’s appearance in She-Hulk: Lawyer confirmed, Murdock’s vigilante hero finally sees a future in the MCU again – and with a new look to boot. Audiences were pleasantly surprised to see Charlie Cox’s retaliation as Matt Murdock Spider-Man: No Way Homewhich sparked rumors about where Daredevil’s story might go in upcoming Marvel phases. However, its importance in the Multiverse saga has yet to be confirmed.

That She-Hulk: Lawyer Trailer released during Comic-con 2022 gave the crowd a sneak peek at Daredevil’s new suit. Whether this suit will be new and improved remains to be seen as fans eagerly await the show’s release, but that’s clear now She Hulk The series will attempt to represent a new branch of superheroes that are slowly gaining traction in Los Angeles’ daily life. How Daredevil will make an impact in this new Disney+ series storyline is still under wraps, but his reappearance in the MCU is certainly exciting.


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However, what becomes clear from the daredevil Trailer is the updated look of Murdock’s armor. While his costume’s yellow patterns appear to pay homage to his first appearance in the original Marvel Comics, the famous nunchuck-using vigilante has now confirmed another new look, but whether this will maintain Daredevil’s comic book canon remains to be seen . That She Hulk Trailer now means Marvel Studios has made three significant changes to Daredevil’s outfit since its Netflix days – and here each of them is explained.

Yellow accents in the daredevil’s costume

The most notable change to Daredevil’s outfit is the new yellow/gold elements incorporated into his signature black and red attire. Marvel Comics fans will be familiar with this new Murdock color scheme as it pays homage to his iconic first comic book appearances. Of course, as is usual for Marvel adaptations of flashy comic book costumes, Daredevil’s has been stylized to be more aesthetically pleasing than it would have been a recreation of his comic book costume, complete with horizontal lanes running across Daredevil’s body.

The camera in the trailer z She Hulk only pans away as the costume’s chest is revealed. So whether Daredevil will sport his iconic “D” on the front of his costume has yet to be confirmed. Although the original Netflix show stylized this slightly with a double “D” to refer to its name, the inspiration for the costumes’ yellow accents comes from a comic book version of the Daredevil costume that has the single “D” on it the breastplate of showed the armor of the hero.

Added protections

Daredevil jumping away from She-Hulk in Daredevil Disney trailer

In addition to the added yellow elements of Daredevil’s costume, his MCU-era garb also seems to offer greater protection for the vigilante hero — especially since his Netflix days. The protection around his gauntlets and back means Murdock has said goodbye to the days when he refused to wear armor, much to the dismay of his close friends. Whether or not such friends return is clear to Disney+ daredevil will not be the same as his Netflix appearances. His helmet is also hinted at in the trailer as it offers more extensive coverage compared to his Netflix appearances. During Melvin Potter’s daredevil The upgrades in Season 2 signaled a different helmet for Daredevil that offered him less protection. This was used by Charlie Cox to easily take the Daredevil costume off and on. In the trailer, Murdock appears to have a full-coverage helmet, giving him more protection but retaining the classic horned look – which is a first for the on-screen character.

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Daredevil’s new Billy Club

Daredevil’s infamous Billy Club, Matt Murdock’s personal weapon, seems to have had a slight change, even judging by that She-Hulk: Lawyer Follower. The Billy Club functions as a multipurpose stick that has an extendable cord between the nunchucks and can serve as both a grappling hook and a melee weapon – and this seems consistent across its MCU version, as shown in the trailer. When Daredevil falls to the top of a building, the Billy Club is revealed to have yellow and burgundy elements similar to his costume. As a result, Marvel’s changes to the color scheme of Daredevil’s outfit serve to clearly differentiate this version of the character from his Netflix appearances, while maintaining a nod to Daredevil’s vigilante roots by keeping the color scheme predominantly dark Daredevil: Reborn.

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