Marvel is already on the right track with the introduction of the X-Men

Marvel has finally introduced mutants into the MCU, but didn’t show the main event: the X-Men. However, her debut may have been created by Ms. Marvel.

This article contains spoilers for Mrs Miracle episode 6

Mrs Miracle Episode 6 officially confirmed Kamala Khan’s status as a mutant, so it seems Marvel is following a well-established tradition in introducing the mutant X-Men, which mirrors past stories with Rogue and Jubilee. Since Disney’s acquisition of Fox completed in 2019, Marvel viewers have been patiently waiting for mutants and the X-Men team to show their faces in the MCU. With Professor X’s cameo in , wishes were easily granted Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswhich was soon followed by the revelation that Kamala was Earth-616’s first official mutant, creating a clear opportunity for the X-Men’s eventual debut.


through Mrs Miracle, the show teased that there was something different about Kamala’s genes. Initially, it was believed that her hard light powers came solely from her great-grandmother’s bracelet, which was then known to be associated with her heritage as a jinn from the Noor dimension. However, a little interaction between Kamala and Bruno at the end Mrs Miracle Episode 6, “No Normal,” revealed a “mutation‘ in their genes, with the theme song dating back to the 1990s X-Men: The Animated Series play in the background, which was also played during Professor X’s first few moments Doctor Strange im Multiverse of Madnessconfirming Kamala’s status as the MCU’s first mutant.

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This exciting revelation is not only a relief for enthusiastic people X-Men fans, but it also creates tremendous possibilities for the future of mutants in the MCU. Previous TV and film adaptations of the X-Men Comics have always had the task of introducing audiences to large numbers of mutants at once, and they typically did so from the perspective of a younger, female mutant. Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel can easily fill that role and potentially bring the entire X-Men team into the MCU very soon.

How Kamala Khan can introduce more mutants into the MCU

Kamala Khan Mutant MCU reveal

There are two notable instances where the X-Men were introduced through the plot device of a young mutant who was initiated into Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and first learned the team. first X-Men: The Animated Series, the audience is immediately introduced to Jubilee, who is taken to Professor X’s mansion while being pursued by Sentinels. And in the 2000 movie x men, Rogue is the channel for introducing the titular team while being tracked down by Magneto.

This plays perfectly into the narrative direction being taken by Mrs Miracle. Throughout the series, the MCU’s Department of Damage Control hunts down Kamala Khan and her friends with repurposed Stark drones. This perfectly reflects the themes of previous adaptations and could easily result in Kamala being taken in by Professor X and the X-Men. Narratively, this would be an excellent way to introduce multiple mutants at once, while still leaving enough questions to be uncovered in the future of the MCU.

With Kamala Khan’s infectious energy and curiosity, the X-Men would get a strong introduction to the MCU if she were the first established character they met. Questions about exactly where the mutants have been hiding during previous MCU projects have yet to be answered, but introducing the entire team at once and then diving into their backstories might be Marvel’s best course of action. With the Mrs Miracle The reveal comes so shortly after Professor X’s cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessit won’t be long now X-Men finally becoming an MCU staple.

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