Marvel artist is trying to ban Rippaverse colorist Gabe Eltaeb from all future Comic-Con events

It’s no secret that the success of Eric July’s Isom #1 campaign has angered many professionals in the mainstream comics industry. With more than $3.2 million raised for his first comic, Rippa has surpassed what most Marvel and DC employees will make in their lifetime.

Now, on Twitter, Marvel artist Mark Brooks has made a plea for the banning of Isom #1 colorist Gabe Eltaeb from future San Diego Comic-Con events.

Source: Isom #1 Preview (2022), Rippaverse

Mark Brooks is an artist who has worked on quite a few covers over the past few years, with 3-D renderings not being amenable to sequential production work at a reasonable pace. He has spent countless hours tweeting about his hatred of independent creators on ComicsGate and slandering the group Alt-Right Conmen for their brave act of telling mainstream publications not to submit to the awakened agenda in their books will.

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Brooks has spent the last year and a half harassing ComicsGate creators, including Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver, about whom he has posted many passive-aggressive tweets. Brooks once claimed to his audience, “He needs you until you’re used up, and then he’ll either reject you or turn against you.” Heed my words, that day is coming.”

“I know Ethan and his minions have been trying to convince you I’m some boogeyman out to destroy comics. The truth is that Ethan is trying to do just that,” he added.

Source: Screenshot, Twitter

He also tweeted berating a Dale Keown cover of Cyberfrog: Rekt Planet as “no focus” and saying, “It’s overrendered within an inch of its life and I can’t tell you what the hell is going on .” This drew criticism from fans and other professionals, who pointed out that it is Brooks’ art that has no focal point in his work.

Source: Screenshot, Twitter

Hundreds of people have commented on Brooks’ bizarre obsession with #ComicsGate, but in his multi-tweet rant against Gabe Eltaeb, the Marvel artist acts like he’s been attacked out of the blue. He also baselessly implies that Eltaeb is not only dangerous but a potential violent threat.

Source: Gabriel Eltaeb’s YouTube channel

In the nearly 800-word rant, Mark Brooks portrays himself as a victim, neglecting to say how he’s nudged and shoved #ComicsGate creators, even small-time creators like Lord Finatra, a musician with just over 500 subscribers on YouTube, who talked about making a salacious Cyberfrog parody book called RoboChode.

Brooks threatened to copyright RoboChode’s property in a Discord message. He told Finatra, “You weren’t very smart about RoboChode … For $187 I copyrighted the name and picture in 20 minutes.” While harassing Finatra, Brooks further ignited the YouTuber than he claimed for offering a helping hand.

Source: Screenshot, Discord

Eltaeb was Brooks’ reaction to a picture the creator of Truth, Justice, and the American Way posted of him posing in front of Brooks’ shared booth at SDCC while Brooks wasn’t there. At the time, Eltaeb wrote: “Couldn’t find little Marky. Maybe tomorrow???” including #comicsgate and sharing the respective still photo.

Brooks took his as a threat and claimed he contacted security at the event.

Source: Twitter, screenshot

Why he assumed a longtime industry professional who stopped by to say hello posed a threat is unclear. Some fans have noted that Mark Brooks is Caucasian and Eltaeb is Hispanic, so there might be some level of racial bias at play.

Brooks continued to rant, saying, “I hope this is the end, but I also have concerns about future convention appearances. This person does not appear to be stable. If he attends a convention as an attendee or guest, I will not be there.”

Source: Twitter, screenshot

This statement represents an implicit threat that San Diego Comic-Con must either ban the veteran industry professional – with no history of violence – from attending, or Mark Brooks will attempt to harm their event.

However, he didn’t stop trying to hustle Eltaeb from congresses, further stating that he extends the same threat to all congresses he attends.

“I am advising all my congressional contacts that this will be the case from now on. If this person has been harassing you or trying to intimidate you, I encourage you to do the same. And document EVERYTHING,” Brooks continued.

Source: Screenshot, IndieGoGo

Conservative creators like Eltaeb have to deal with this kind of harassment on a regular basis because they have taken a political stance against a mob very much alive in the industry that wants all dissent to be destroyed. With Rippa and ComicsGate making so much more money from their campaigns than these artists from Marvel/DC, it’s become an embarrassment to mainstream publishing, prompting artists like Brooks to lash out with outlandish statements.

We’ve seen similar attempts at convention in the past, disrupting creators like Richard C. Meyer, Mike S. Miller, and Larry Correia, among others.

Conventions need to stand up against bullying of creators because of their religion or political affiliation. There’s no place at conventions for harassers like Brooks, who can’t stand to be in the same room as other Americans believe, voting differently from them. Comics are for everyone.

Source: Isom #1, Rippaverse

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