Mark Millar’s new Vampire series has the lowest cover price in modern comics

Mark Millar is new nightclub The vampire series is being sold to fans at an extremely low cover price.

CBR can exclusively reveal those of Millarworld nightclub, a new series starting later this year, will be sold to fans for $1.99 per issue. “The biggest thing I hear in comic book stores is that comics are overpriced and everyone is absolutely right,” Millar said. “I remember they crept up to $3 and then $4 became the norm, and now I see $5 and $6 for a single issue when you normally read them in about 10 minutes. But I also understand why the costs have gone up. The overheads are huge compared to typical magazines, and if you pay the creators appropriately you’re missing out on tens of thousands of dollars per issue and up to two or three hundred thousand dollars up front for every sixth issue, before being collected in a trade. Millarworld prides itself on asking artists what they get paid at Marvel and DC and INCREASE that rate to get them working for us so we’re very aware of the numbers but at the same time I really want to do a crazy experiment.

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“We will be selling our most commercial and high-profile release this year at less than half the price of a current comic. We’ll hit $1.99 for each issue of nightclub and just see what happens. The artist we hired is fantastic. Juanan Ramírez has done some amazing stuff at Marvel, so having him here is an absolute treat. nightclub itself is a big show that I created in-house at Netflix, and it’s a super-commercial concept, so it seems like a great franchise to try the experiment. Keeping raising prices seems like a bad move when people are tightening their belts in the real world, so I really want to give it a try. Every time prices have changed in comics since Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson gave it to us detective comics Almost 90 years ago they moved north instead of south.

“So this is the first time in comics history that someone has gone in the opposite direction and charged LESS money for their big new book. Sure that means we have to sell twice as many copies to make the same money, but if that works and works as well as I think it’s something I’d really like to see in Marvel and DC. This could be a game changer for everyone. The creative team still gets the same big bucks and the client gets their comics at half price. It’s perfect.”

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Earlier this week, Millar also announced two new series that will debut in 2023: big gamethis is a new crossover series featuring art by X-Men‘s Pepe Larraz and Nemesis reloadeddepicting a return to the character created by Millar and Steve McNiven in 2010 with art by Batmanis Jorge Jiménez. “We stole the biggest artists from Marvel and DC this week, but I think that could be even bigger because if it works, it could change things for everyone,” Millar said. “I love stirring things up. It’s always fun to try something new. nightclub coming out in December and I have a feeling it’s going to be huge. Let’s see if it works.”

The summary for nightclub Number 1 reads: “You are 17 years old and were bitten by a vampire? Do you live in the shadows and drink human blood or use your newfound gifts for the dream life of a costumed superhero like you always wanted? You are bulletproof, you can crawl up walls, transform into fog, bats or even a wolf. why not have fun Note: THIS SERIES WILL BUY $1.99. TAKE THIS, DC & MARVEL!”

nightclub Cover art is by Ramírez, Greg Capullo, Ben Oliver and Dani Strips. The first issue will appear in December.

Source: Millarworld

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