Lucidea Press publishes new book for professional librarians and information professionals

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Lucidea has announced that knowledge management expert Stan Garfield’s new book, Lucidea’s Lens: Specialist Librarians and Information Specialists; The five Cs of KMwill be available in July 2022. The latest publication from Lucidea Press offers pragmatic advice from Mr. Garfield, a seasoned KM professional and consultant, author of Best practices for promoting a knowledge management programregular blogger and popular webinar presenter.

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This book is about knowledge management in specialty libraries and information centers structured around five Cs: Capture, Curate, Connect, Collaborate and Create. These calls-to-action, presented with detailed examples, provide a new way for librarians and other information professionals to think about content, products, and services. The fundamentals of knowledge management – applied in a dedicated library or information center – benefit the parent organization by providing a clear strategic advantage and significant benefits.

Stan Garfield is a knowledge management expert, author, speaker, and innovator in the field of knowledge management. He leads the SIKM Leaders Community with over 1000 members worldwide and is regularly invited to numerous conferences including KMWorld. He has published over 800 LinkedIn articles on leadership, innovation, knowledge management, communities of practice, enterprise social networking, and social media, and has authored several practical and popular books, including Best practices for promoting a knowledge management program by Lucidea Press – to which this title Lucidea’s Lens: Specialist Librarians and Information Specialists; The five Cs of KM is a natural successor.

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Ron Aspe, CEO of Lucidea, said: “We are pleased to present the first book in our Lucidea’s Lens series; We believe it will be an essential resource for specialty librarians and other information professionals building WM skills into departmental services, with practical guidance from Stan’s career in knowledge-intensive organizations and as a consultant, innovator, and advocate.”

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Both the Kindle and print versions will be available from, but for now you can get a free PDF copy in advance, courtesy of Lucidea here.

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Lucidea offers a complete portfolio of market-leading knowledge management, ILS and CMS applications including SydneyEnterprise, GeniePlus, Presto, Argus and ArchivEra; Applications that provide unrivaled access to organizational knowledge, with solutions for corporations, law firms, government agencies, non-profit organizations, museums and archives – of all sizes and budgets, worldwide.

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