Love & Thunder concept art features Natalie Portman’s Buff God

A new concept art piece from Thor: Love and Thunder features Natalie Portman’s muscular Mighty Thor costume design, which made it into the finished film.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Thor: Love and Thunder.

A new piece Thor: Love and Thunder Concept art shows a look at an early version of Natalie Portman’s muscular Mighty Thor. After the success of 2017 Thor: RagnarokDirector Taika Waititi returns once more to direct the recently released film Thor: Love and Thunder. The film sees the return of Chris Hemsworth’s titular Thor as he gathers a team of heroes to take on the MCU’s newest villain, Christian Bales Gorr the God Butcher.

After first appearing in 2011 ThorPortman is back Thor: Love and Thunder as Jane Foster, a renowned astrophysicist. The character previously appeared in Thor: The Dark World and appeared briefly Avengers: Endgamebut Thor: Love and Thunder puts Foster in the spotlight like never before. This time around, Jane, suffering from stage 4 cancer, becomes Mighty Thor, only while wielding Mjolnir, Thor’s ancient hammer, and donning an epic Norse-inspired armor. Although reviews for Thor: Love and Thunder Mixed by both audiences and critics, many have praised the new, stronger version of Foster who appears in the film, having previously been limited in previous appearances due to her mortal human form.


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In a new piece of conceptual art, artist AndyPark shares a look at an early version of Portman’s buff Mighty Thor. Park writes in his caption that he drew the play for Waititi about 3 years ago and the result is surprisingly close to what ended up in the final film. The helmet, cloak, armor, and even Portman’s muscles all appear to have been transferred to screen during the film’s production. Check out Park’s concept art below:

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Thor Love and Thunder Natalie Portman Jane Foster Concept Art

MCU movies like Avengers: Endgame and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Characters with suits added in post-production because their designs weren’t finalized during filming. However, the above concept art suggests so Thor: Love and Thunder didn’t have this problem with the design for Mighty Thor. filming on Thor: Love and Thunder It’s believed to have started in early 2021, meaning Portman’s Mighty Thor look may have been finished well in advance, with Park’s timeline for creating the concept art to summer 2019.

With both Thor and Thor: The Dark World Efforts to make Jane feel like a powerful performer in each film’s respective story, her transformation into Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder finally brought the character on par with Hemsworth’s Thor. Although some have drawn attention to the poor quality of the CGI used to create the combat helmets for Thor and Mighty Thor, much of the rest of the costume seems to have been practically created, down to some of the smaller details used in Parks included are concept art. Mighty Thor’s stunning costume and character design, combined with Portman’s performance and muscular looks, helped make Jane a standout player Thor: Love and Thunder.

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Source: AndyPark/ Twitter

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