KK DOWNING looks back on his journey in rock and heavy metal in the book “Solid Rock”.

former JUDAS PRIEST guitarist KK Downing the gifts “Solid Rock”a new XL coffee table book that will be available exclusively from Always distinctive through their own online shop.

“Solid Rock – The Collector’s Edition” is a special pre-release limited edition set that is available by pre-order only and contains a limited number downing-signed and -personalized versions. They are only available from www.metaldefender.co.uk.

A whole host of the greatest rock and metal guitarists to ever plug in an electric guitar are immortalized on it “Solid Rock”each beautifully presented on a double spread, including a full-page vintage image and original design, as well as a unique commentary from conversational sessions with downingGrammy Awards-award-winning guitarist and founding member of JUDAS PRIEST.

KK says: “Join me as I reflect on my incredible journey in rock and heavy metal.

“It was certainly an honor and a privilege to meet and play with so many of the great players in Berlin ‘solid rock’.

“Without rock and metal, the music we love, our life wouldn’t be what it is today.

“So many millions of fans have also shared this wonderful journey through the decades with these great artists; this era may be over one day, but it will never be forgotten! It will surely live on inside ‘solid rock’.

“The Collector’s Edition” is a wonderful illustrative compilation featuring 75 of these icons who not only played and performed but also composed so many legendary and timeless songs. It is the ultimate remembrance and celebration of an era that will always be honored and cherished by all of us, for eternity.”

“Solid Rock – The Collector’s Edition” Release is scheduled for February 28, 2023.

KK left JUDAS PRIEST But 11 years ago, in his autobiography, he looked back on his time with the British metal titans, “Heavy Duty: Days and Nights in Judas Priest”which came out in September 2018. The book that was written with collaborators Mark Eglintoncovers all the behind-the-scenes turmoil that led to it downing‘s exit out PRIESTincluding his strained relationship with Glen Tipton and his complaints about certain management decisions.

2018, downing revealed that he sent two letters of resignation to his bandmates when he decided to quit JUDAS PRIEST. The first was described as “a graceful parting note, implying a smooth retreat from the music”, while the second “was more angry, venting all his frustrations with certain parties”. downing later said that he believed the second letter was “a major reason” he was not invited to rejoin PRIEST after tiptonDecision to retire from touring.

downing recently started a new band called KK’S PRIESTin which he is accompanied by former ones JUDAS PRIEST Singer Tim “Ripper” Owens (vocals), along with the guitarist AJ Mills (HOSTILE), bassist Tony Newton (VOODOO SIX) and drummer Sean Elg (DEATH RIDERS, CAGE).

KK’S PRIESThis debut album, “Sermons of the Sinner”was released in October via Explorer1 music group/EX1 recordings.

downing spent four months writing and recording “Sermons of the Sinner” and alongside new ideas, he’s even revived some archived riffs from the 80’s.

KK educated KK’S PRIEST after JUDAS PRIEST declined his offer to rejoin the band for their 50th anniversary tour. A few acclaimed stage performances followed, initially with the former MANOWAR guitarist Ross the boss in the summer of 2019, then with a one-off cast that included former MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson and former PRIEST drummer Les Binks later in the year.

Official release – reserve a personalized copy here…

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