Kevin Smith on Martin Scorsese’s Marvel Movie Comments: ‘He’s a man of a certain age and stuck in his ways’

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6 hours ago

Kevin Smith is the latest celebrity to offer his opinion on these Martin Scorsese Marvel Comments.

The Goodfellas director previously said Marvel films are “not cinema,” and Smith has now said so forbes that he just thinks Scorsese is a different breed of filmmaker and “stuck in his ways”.

The Clerks writer, who is a self-proclaimed lover of comics and comic book adaptations, said of Scorsese’s comments and the backlash he received from MCU fans, “Look, everyone is responsible for themselves and everyone says what they say .

“But a lot of times these directors seem to be in situations, doing junkets or an interview situation, and it’s a question thrown in there, and it’s not like they’re like, ‘Bring me that New York Times! I want to tell someone what I think about comic book movies.’”

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He continues, “There are tens of millions of other questions that are being asked, but in our culture, in our tribal culture, someone like Martin Scorsese, who calls comic book movies amusement parks and theme parks, finds a lot of people who, in the last 10 years have made comic book films their life, very unhappy.

“It kind of brings up their dander. You ask a guy who made Goodfellas what he thinks of Spider-Man, what do you think you’ll get? He’s a very serious filmmaker, and he’s a man of a certain age who’s made his way. You shouldn’t be surprised that’s his answer.”

Smith continues, “But that doesn’t take away from the joy of it. Guess what? For every old filmmaker who says, “I don’t get it,” there’s a bunch of young filmmakers who say, “I get it and I want to do it.” We don’t have to exclude people who might not be into the same films stand or stand like us.

“Look, maybe I have the advantage of being a creature of the internet since 1995. So I’m way ahead of almost every other filmmaker when it comes to public relations and speaking to the public in the press than maybe any other filmmaker except Peter Jackson. He was on the internet before me. And that means we all made our mistakes early on.”

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The filmmaker continues, “We just learned early. “Oh, don’t answer that question. It only prepares you for failure. Just redirect.’ If someone asks, “What do you think of these comic book movies?” Just say something like, ‘I love all movies, movies are my life, blah blah blah.’

“A lot of people don’t have that experience. There was a time when filmmakers didn’t really do much press. I belong to the generation that was pushed to sell our films because we didn’t have movie stars in the films. No other way to sell the film. Get the person who saved and saved to tell their story and shoot in a supermarket late at night [out there]. That is interesting. Let them go out and sell the film and tell the story.

“I would encourage my colleagues to do this when asked, ‘What do you think of comic book movies?’ You hit her with, ‘I love her. I’m watching each of them’, for the good of all. Well, I’m not saying that because I’m like, ‘That’s what I would do.’ I literally watch every comic book movie. So I’m 100 percent authentic and stuff.

“But for these cats, to avoid a group of people’s headaches, like dissecting their filmography… You’ve got people on the internet tearing down Martin Scorsese’s work because he said something about comics. You want to avoid something like this? Just greet them and move on. They’re films like any other film, for heaven’s sake.”

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