Kendall Jenner shares bikini and Devin Booker photos from her Hawaii trip

Like any seasoned influencer, Kendall Jenner documented her Hawaii vacation in depth. And like every Kardashian-Jenner, the model has been sparking her own dating rumors at the same time — perhaps to divert a little attention from older sister Khloé Kardashian after she and ex Tristan Thompson followed the surprising news of the second baby.

In a carousel of vacation photos and videos she posted yesterday, Jenner shared a clip of her stepping out of the sea with what may be her ex-boyfriend Devin Booker following her. page six pointed out. This isn’t the first time the former couple has been spotted since news of their split broke last month. The two were also spotted together at Malibu’s Soho home and at a liquor store in Hamptons.

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Jenner also shared several bikini selfies, including one of her in a pink floral two-piece and another of her in a classic black one.

Kendall Jenner in her Hawaiian bikini


Kendall Jenner in her Hawaiian bikini


There’s a real chance Booker and Jenner are actually making up if they haven’t already. When news of their split broke, sources told multiple outlets that it may not be a permanent breakup.

A source told E! that Jenner Booker said in June that she wanted “space and time to be separated. They’ve been in touch and take care of each other ever since.” The source added that the two want to get back together: “They both hope it works out but as of now they’re separated.”

A source said additionally Us weekly at the time Jenner and Booker “wish to figure out if a future together is what they’re meant to be.” [They’re] tak[ing] this time to focus on himself.”

“Kourtney’s wedding really put things into perspective,” the source added. The former couple attended the ceremony together on one of their most public dates ever. During their hiatus, Jenner and Booker are clearly staying on good terms and are “still super friendly and supportive of each other.”

page sixThe source said on June 24 that the two were technically on a break. “Even though they do care for each other, Devin didn’t want to propose and his priority is his career,” the insider said. “Kendall’s career dominates her life as well. After two years they had the ‘Where is this going?’ talk. And since they weren’t progressing, it was time to take a break, probably forever.”

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