Kelly Ripa’s daughter Lola is facing big changes away from home — and it’s bittersweet

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Kelly Ripa‘s children all grew up on the set of Live! and viewers of the show have literally watched them transform from babies to fully independent adults.

Recently, Kelly and Markus Consuelos‘ only daughter Lola turned 21 and her milestone birthday was marked on the ABC daytime show.

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During the segment, proud mom Kelly revealed that Lola would be moving abroad as part of her studies.

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This will be Lola’s first time living outside of New York, having grown up there with her family on the Upper East Side, before moving to Bushwick to study.

Kelly told co-star Ryan Seacrest, “It’s Lola Consuelos’ 21st birthday. We are waiting for her return – she is in Europe at the moment. Yes, poor Lola.”

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She continued: “She is actually looking for an apartment for her studies abroad. I said, ‘That’s funny. Usually people find apartments by going online and finding an apartment online and then just showing up and being disappointed.’”

Kelly and Mark’s son, Joaquin, is also not studying in New York

Kelly added that Lola’s move was a bit bittersweet for the 21-year-old, who will be financially independent now that she’s an adult.

the previous all my children Stern said that the holiday is one “Last hooray. After that she’s off the family breast, so to speak.”

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Lola will join her brother Joaquin, who also chose to study outside of New York City for his undergraduate studies.

Joaquin was the first of the Consuelos siblings to fly the nest further and choose Michigan as his place of study.

Kelly and Mark are empty nesters now

Eldest son Michael now lives in Bushwick after graduating from New York University last year.
He is an aspiring actor and has appeared in Riverdale next to his father.

Recently, Michael also teased a new project he’s working on in a rare Instagram post.

Kelly and Mark want to raise their children the way they used to be – financially independent from them.

Kelly and Mark’s children are now grown!

Kelly has also spoken out about the need for her kids to earn their own path in life on Instagram.

Back in 2019, she shared a photo of Michael – who was then in college – with the caption: “If your son gives you a job…”

A follower asked if Michael dropped out of school, to which she replied, “Michael goes to college and is a senior and works full time. He is in his first non-parental subsidized apartment with roommates.

“I’m used to slacking off a lot because people love to have false outrage at something they haven’t seen. They just read a headline and wiggle their tired fingers.” She continued: “I didn’t grow up privileged and neither did @instasuelos. We work and we expect the same from our children. And the fact that a pack of fools want that [expletive] I say let her.

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