Kelly Clarkson’s divorce saga is still ongoing, and the judge even had to postpone retirement

One would have hoped that Kelly Clarkson’s divorce drama would be over after that Brandon Blackstock has moved away from her ranch in Montana and in his new bachelor pad. While the Montana property was just one of many issues the couple has feuded over in the two years since the singer filed for divorce in June 2020, it has often seemed to be the biggest bone of contention. Unfortunately, despite her, the legal battles are not over yet Divorce will be finalized in Marchand the former couple’s ongoing struggles have now even forced the presiding judge to delay his resignation.

Judge Scott Gordon, the private judge installed last year to help Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock solve their case, is set to resign at the end of June, according to reports Daily Mail. However, he has now been asked to delay his retirement due to unresolved disputes between the ex-spouses. The media site reports:

Attorneys for the feuding exes filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court to extend retired Judge Scott Gordon’s term to July 31, citing issues that remain to be resolved between them.

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