Katharine McPhee’s legs are so strong in a mini skirt in IG photos

  • Katharine McPhee Foster is keeping things steamy with her husband David Foster, and the evidence is all over Instagram.
  • The actress and singer, 38, posted some pictures of herself in a mini skirt, with her long strong legs wrapped around Foster and the two look so in love.
  • Kat trains with a personal trainer who helps her stay strong in all areas so she can chase after her young son, Rennie.

    Katharine McPhee Foster and her husband David Foster are clear head over heels for each other. In a recent Instagram post, the Waitress The 38-year-old actress shared three snaps of herself showing her husband lots of love while wearing a taupe mini skirt and sweater.

    In the first picture, Kat is lying on a big kiss while balancing on one (very long, strong) leg while the other stays wrapped around David. The second image shows the two embracing and the third is an enlarged image of Katharine’s foot balancing on David’s. (The two married in June 2019, per persons.)

    “Poor guy… too bad he doesn’t get a lot of attention,” she captioned the pics.

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    And her famous friends are all about the beloved posts.

    Singer Jessie J commented: “😍😍” while chef Cat Cora left them “❤️❤️”. Oh, and David’s daughter Erin Foster commented, “Reporting this.”

    How does she stay so strong? Well, Katharine has been busy chasing after her 17-month-old son Rennie, whom she shares with David. She also fits into training with her personal trainer, Oscar Smith, who has literally referred to her as a “competitive athlete.” life & style.

    Your workouts meet a little bit of everything. “For the upper body, we focused on a specific body part and then started with what I call ‘the triangle,'” Smith said. For cardio, he has Kat do jump rope sets, box jumps, sprints, and sometimes even stair runs.

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    Katharine has previously opened up about her battle with bulimia (an eating disorder that involves binge eating and subsequent food flushing) and how she got professional help, as well as the challenges the storyline posed during her pregnancy with Rennie, reported. she said today that the first trimester was difficult as she struggled with a changing body and appetite. “It was really a transition and balance for me to figure out the food stuff,” she said.

    “I think when you have a problem with food, there are always stages where it comes back into your life and haunts you, and then you get a handle on it,” Katharine added. “The feeling of relapsing after pregnancy was really shocking and upsetting and worrying for me because from that first trimester I suddenly became so obsessed with food and my appearance was so distorted.”

    And Katharine got real on Instagram in a post about her post-baby body in December 2021. The big takeaway: She didn’t buy into the post-baby diet thing. Instead, she focused on keeping her body strong.

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    She shared, “I struggled with the weight my whole 20’s and 30’s. I paced ten times,” she wrote. “I lost that baby weight without dieting. Zero. Dieting is the worst and I’ve had zero pressure from anyone. I’ve let my body do its thing and found a great workout. That’s it. And you know what? I probably will too gain weight again at some point.

    Preach it Kat!

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