Kardashian fans think they know Kim’s secret ‘fake name’ after the star released weight-loss documents

KARDASHIAN fans think they found out Kim’s secret name after the star leaked her weight-loss documents.

A fan took to an online thread to suggest he’d spotted the reality star’s alter ego.


Kim Kardashian fans think they’ve spotted the star’s ‘wrong name’Photo credit: Instagram
One fan pointed out that Kim had


One fan pointed out that Kim had “Suzette Babb” on her previously leaked weight loss documentsPhoto credit: Reddit

The user shared a photo of Kim’s weight loss docs, which she shared earlier this week.

However, they circled what they believe to be Kim’s fake name: “Barb, Suzette.”

“Maybe her fake name for stuff like that?” One person suggested, while another added, “I know celebs use fake names but this one is so weird it’s more eye catching.”

One commenter said: “Whenever celebs are patients they almost always use a different name just so the hospital staff doesn’t see or know who it is.”

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However, other fans explained the name, as one wrote: “I just looked it up because I was really curious. Her assistant from 2019-2021 is called Suzette Babb.”

According to her Linkedin, Suzette worked as Kim’s executive assistant from March 2019 to June 2021.

“It’s her former assistant,” said another when one chimed in, “So weird because it’s an actual person’s name…”

Earlier this week, the 41-year-old Hulu star shared her DEXA body scan, taken by medical imaging company Body Spec, on her Instagram Stories.

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A DEXA scan uses low-level X-rays to measure the density of the scanned person’s bones, along with other health measurements.

The scans showed Kim’s bones are stronger than 93% of the general population, based on her age and ethnicity.

The famous reality star then went on to show and explain that “a year ago [her] Body fat percentage was 25 percent and now it’s 18.8 percent.”


However, one fan noted another piece of information in the documents that made her double take it, writing: “So Kim is 10 pounds lighter than last year.

So much for ‘I lost 16 pounds to fit in Marilyn’s dress.’”

The user continued with a question, asking, “Didn’t she say she continued her weight loss journey and lost more than 20 pounds?”

On the screenshot, Kim’s total mass calculations were circled in red, with last year’s test showing 124.2 and this year’s 114.7.

“It’s just an endless loop of lies with this damn family,” responded one frustrated fan.


At this year’s Met Gala, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alumnus wore the actual dress Marilyn Monroe originally wore when she sang John F. Kennedy Happy Birthday Mr. President in 1962.

She told Vogue on the red carpet at the event, “…I tried it on and it didn’t fit me. I said, ‘Give me three weeks.’

“I had to lose 16 kilos today.”

The star added: “It was such a challenge. It was like a [movie] Role. I was determined to pass [into] it. I haven’t had any carbs or sugar for about three weeks.

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“We’re having a pizza and donut party at the hotel [after the Met Gala].”

The mother-of-four received a lot of backlash for wearing the dress, with some accusing her of altering the dollar value of the $5 million dress after damaging it.

The star has been accused of lying about her weight loss based on the information in the documents


The star has been accused of lying about her weight loss based on the information in the documentsCredit: Unknown, clear with picture desk
The 41-year-old previously claimed she lost 16 pounds for the Met Gala - wearing Marilyn Monroe's iconic dress at the event


The 41-year-old previously claimed she lost 16 pounds for the Met Gala – wearing Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress at the eventPhoto credit: Getty
Some fans have claimed the mother-of-four is


Some fans have claimed the mother-of-four is “too skinny”.Photo credit: Getty

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