Kardashian fans are horrified by Kim’s “disgusting hygiene” habit after spotting something “dirty” in a TikTok video

KARDASHIAN fans have shared their horror at learning something new about Kim’s hygiene routine.

The Hulu star recently shocked her followers when she admitted she would “eat poop” to stay young.


Kim Kardashian claimed she can sleep in a full face of makeupCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Fans trolled her for not brushing her teeth


Fans trolled her for not brushing her teethCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Now Kim, 41, has once again left fans horrified after admitting she sometimes goes to sleep with a full face of makeup.

In a new interview, reshared by a TikTok user, Kim told cameras she has a “talent” for sleeping in full splendor.

“One talent I have that’s probably the worst advice I can give you guys is that I can sleep in full makeup.”

“And I could sleep like that,” she continued while reclining, adding, “And never ruin my makeup.”

Kardashian fans mock Kim for claiming she
Kim's fans mock her old MySpace page's

“Sometimes you see, if I have to get up very early in the morning, I do my makeup the night before and let it be done, sleep, don’t move and wear it all the next day.”

Kim went on to explain, “And you would never know. My makeup lasts really long on my face, I don’t know why.”

But fans weren’t happy with the reveal, as one posted the clip to an online thread and captioned it, “Kim doesn’t brush her teeth.”

“She thinks she’s cute and relatable… but is literally the opposite… and gross,” one replied.

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“She tries to relate to poor people. I don’t know why I always feel like Kim is gross and has bad hygiene,” agreed a second.

A third joked: “Who needs to take care of their skin/teeth/body when you have doctors on call to just fix anything.”

“She talks so much shit. She says she works out every day and has a 5am routine where the toothpaste is already on her toothbrush from the night before,” recalled a fourth.

“It’s hard to brush your teeth after the makeup is done,” noted another.


Kim recently ruffled her fans’ feathers after speaking out on some controversial issues.

Earlier this month, the reality star admitted she would “eat poop” if it helped her look young.

The TV personality shocked fans when she admitted she would actually eat poop if it slowed the aging process.

“I’ll try anything,” the mother of four admitted in an interview with The New York Times.

“If you told me I literally had to eat poop every day and I looked younger, I could do it. I just might.”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum made the statement as she celebrated the release of her new high-end skincare line called SKKN.


Online fans immediately mocked the model for her statement.

“Disgusting people with too much time and money,” one Twitter user posted, adding, “How ridiculous!!”

Another added, “The fact that she said she would eat shit because of her vanity says everything you need to know about her.”

Even New York Times beauty critic Jessica DeFino contradicted her words, saying Kim has a “mental disorder.”

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“Beauty culture is associated with anxiety, depression, body and facial dysmorphia, obsessive thoughts about looks, self-harm, many mental disorders/illnesses,” Jessica tweeted.

“Beauty culture literally breaks our brains and Kim is their current brain-broken leader.”

Kim said her makeup sometimes stays overnight


Kim said her makeup sometimes stays overnight
Fans criticized her for


Fans criticized her for “poor hygiene”Credit: Instagram/kimkardashian
Kim previously claimed she would


Kim previously claimed she would “eat poop” if it would help her stop agingCredit: Instagram/kimkardashian

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