Joker 2 fan art combining Joaquin Phoenix with Willem Dafoe is the stuff of nightmares

Warner Bros. has made some bold moves with its comic book projects, set both inside and outside the main DCEU. death Phillips joker was in the latter category and eventually became a massive critical and box office success. A sequel is currently in development, and some Joker: Folie a Deux Fan art has combined Joaquin Phoenix with Willem Dafoe… and it’s the stuff of nightmares.

While both Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips have expressed interest in one joker After its release, the project was in development for several years. But it looks like the project is finally coming together; it was nice given an approximate release date and phoenix is Reportedly got a big raise. There are countless theories as to what could happen joker 2, with Willem Dafoe himself expressing interest in possibly joining in the fun. Now thanks to Fan Art on Instagram We can combine him and Joaquin Phoenix’s likeness into a Clown Prince of Crime. Check it out below

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