JoJo Siwa reveals ‘Dance Moms’ bald spot and stress rash

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A painful memory. JoJo Siwa revealed that she was suffering from hair loss due to stress from performing Dancing Moms.

On Tuesday, July 26, the “Boomerang” singer, 19, shared a video via TikTok that showed her with a bald patch on the side of her head. “If anyone notices my bald spot and wonders where it’s from…” the dancer wrote of a clip that transitioned into a video montage of her days in the competition series.

When a fan asked if the hair loss was from the “tight ponytails” Siwa rocked as a kid, the “Kid in a Candy Store” singer explained in a separate video that the bald spot was caused by a skin issue.

“No, it’s not actually from the ponytails… When I was little I got a really bad stress rash right here Dancing Moms, and I would poke at it all day,” Siwa shared, while pulling back her hair to show the affected area. “I damaged every single hair follicle that was ever there.”


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As fans know, Siwa became a reality star at the age of 9 when she entered the competitions Dancing Moms spin off Abby’s ultimate dance competition during its second season in 2013. The show followed young dancers as they competed for a cash prize and scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School. The participants were judged by Abby Lee Miller.

Siwa’s hair loss revelation comes after she dropped another bombshell on social media earlier this month.

Joining a viral TikTok trend — which has people naming the rudest, nicest, and coolest celebrities they’ve ever met — the So you think you can dance judge described CandaceCameron Bure as the “rudest” star she’s ever met.

Siwa, wearing a light blue bikini, briefly turned her phone toward the camera so quickly it was hard to tell her “rude” choice. However, when stopped, the photo clearly shows Bure, 46.

Siwa also revealed that Miley Cyrus was the “nicest” celebrity she’s met and briefly shared a photo of her zendaya when asked about her celebrity crush.

On Tuesday, Bure broke her silence on the drama by sharing a video via Instagram, revealing that she and Siwa went through it and had a “great conversation.”

“I was shocked when I saw TikTok on Sunday,” the Hallmark Channel alum said of the dancer’s video. According to Bure, Siwa didn’t think her comment was a “big deal,” but that Christmas town star, that was it.

“She didn’t want to tell me [how I was rude to her]’ Bure recalled from their phone conversation. “She said, ‘You know, I met you at her fuller house Premiere and I was 11 years old,” Siwa said Nobody would tell actress and explained that when Bure asked for a picture, she said, “Not right now.” Siwa apparently told Bure that she understood the situation as an adult, but Bure felt bad about what happened years ago.

“‘I broke your 11-year-old heart. Pooh. I feel bad,” Bure said to Siwa and apologized. “JoJo, I’m so sorry.”

The actress ended the video, sharing that anyone can learn from the drama. “No matter how many followers you have… even a 10-second trending TikTok video can do harm because our words matter and our actions matter,” Bure said.

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