Join Tor Books at San Diego Comic-Con!

The Tor Books crew is excited to be back at San Diego Comic-Con in person this year with a full line-up of panels, autograph sessions, and giveaways. Read on for the full schedule of Tor events – and if you can’t join in the fun in San Diego, you can always play Tor’s SDCC Sweepstakes at home; the details are here!

Thursday 21st July

From the idea to the shelf: the remix
2:30-3:30 p.m

Room 24ABC
A comprehensive and honest look at the post-pandemic state of the book publishing industry. How have publishing, agenting, book-to-film and related areas changed in the last two years? What do you need to know about the industry today to pitch your project or advance your career? Agents, executives, and publishing professionals come together to answer questions about how to take your writing career from blank page to success. Ava Jamshidi (Industry Entertainment), Kelly Lonesome (Tor Books), Kathleen Ortiz (KO Media Management), Holly Root (Root Literary), Lars Theriot (Industry Entertainment) and Erika Turner (Little Brown, Books for Young Readers) discuss strategies and Tips for writing the breakout project and proxying. Moderated by Nathan Bransford.

Friday 22 July

Crafting the Future: Crossing Genres in Science Fiction
11-12 a.m

Room 32AB
Charlie Jane Anders (Dream bigger than heartbreak), Ryka Aoki (Light from Unusual Stars), Pierce Brown (Red Rise), Blake Crouch (Update) and Paul Cornell (rosebud) discuss their individual approaches to SF and what makes it such an inclusive and groundbreaking genre for exploring possibilities of the future. Each of these authors pushes the limits of what sci-fi can be, fusing it with other genres to explore new worlds and new adventures. Moderated by Dr. Jeanelle Horcasitas (educator, technical writer and speculative futurist).

Tor spotlight panel

Room 29CD
Tor publishes some of the greatest science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories out there. This panel highlights some of the books Tor, Tor Teen, Tordotcom Publishing and Nightfire have to offer. Book lovers from the Tor teams – Desirae Friesen (publicity manager), Jordan Hanley (senior marketing manager), Alexis Saarela (senior associate director of publicity) and Renata Sweeney (assistant director of marketing) – present a sneak peek at what’s new and upcoming SFF , and maybe even some surprises.

Saturday 23rd July

Tor Teen + MCPG presents: Families of Blood and Magic
10-11 a.m
Room 7AB
As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water, but what happens when magic is thrown into the mix, or when galaxy-spanning friendships are formed? Susan Dennard (The lights), Aiden Thomas (graveyard boys), Lizz Huerta (The Lost Dreamer) and Namina Forna (The Gilded), join moderator Anne Heltzel (Just like mother) for a discussion of found and biological families—and all the positives, negatives, and complexities that go with the field.

Creating the spooky crawling and throat clutching moments
11-12 a.m
Room 29AB
Creators examine the writing of horror scenes, from the slow build-up to the metaphorical jump scare. Get your spook with Kiersten White (Hide), Anne Helzel (Just like mother), Clay McLeod Chapman (ghost eater) and presenter Maryelizabeth Yturralde.

This Way Comes Something Evil: Terrifying Fantasy
Room 23ABC
Monsters, ghosts and sorceresses – oh my god! Not even an apocalypse can ruin this party! Seanan McGuire (seasonal fears), James Rollins (The Starless Crown) and Heather Walter (malice) discuss writing at the intersection of fantasy, horror, and suspense. This panel is for anyone who enjoys their fantasy on the dark side and generally prefers to chill with villains. Moderated by Michelle Bucud (Social Media Coordinator, Mysterious Galaxy).

The best trot: Proving love to all true buckaroos
Room 25ABC
Presenter Dr. Chuck Tingle invites a group of real buckaroos to a panel on how often the best place to find your true self is between the pages of books. Authors Ryka Aoki (Light from Unusual Stars), Heide Walter (malice) and Foz Meadows (A strange and stubborn endurance) discuss everything from using speculative fiction to exploring notions of gender and sexuality to what “proving love” means to them. There will also be some discussion of aliens, donuts, spooky summer camps, and magic.

Sunday 24th July

Tor Books: Us Against The World
2:30-3:30 p.m
Room 23ABC
Defeating the villain is hard work, and no one can do it alone. A group of authors discuss what it takes to bring a ragtag team together to overcome incredible odds. Chosen Ones are out and Dream Teams (or Nightmare Crews) are in. Olivie Blake (The Atlas Six), Susan Dennard (The lights), James Rollins (The Starless Crown) and RR Virdi (The first binding) Join Moderator Ryka Aoki (Light by Uncommon Stars) for a discussion of uncertain alliances, communities and found families. Whether it’s a shadow thief and her shady friends, secret society exiles, a crook calling in ancient favors, a seer assembling a crew to battle the moon, or a group of six uniquely gifted mages, these authors Proving that what matters is not what you know, but who you know.

And here’s the full lineup of signings and giveaways, all taking place at Tor Books booth #2701:

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