Joe Keery is the perfect Joker, recast in frighteningly accurate AI art

Joe Keery, best known for playing Steve Harrington on Stranger Things, is recast as the Joker in a new AI fan art rendering, and it’s absolutely perfect.

AI art inspired by a Podcast X proposal imagines Joe Keery perfectly recast joker. Keery is best known for his role as Steve Harrington on Netflix’s hit series stranger things, received much praise from critics and audiences. Steve has become one of the most popular characters, and his growth over the course of the series from bully to friend is certainly one of the highlights of the show.

Keery is also a musician, formerly a member of the rock band Post Animal, and currently releases music under his stage name Djo. He has starred in several independent films over the past few years, including the 2020 satirical film Spree about a rideshare driver who kills his fellow passengers for social media calls. Keery has now found more mainstream success by starring in the 2021 action comedy as brilliant game developer Walter “Keys” McKey Free guy, which also starred Ryan Reynolds and became a box office success. As of May 2022, Keery has been cast only with Liam Neeson in the upcoming sci-fi film cold storageso his fame will only increase in the years to come.


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Using the AI ​​rendering system Craiyon, Keery is now portrayed as a wild card. Keery’s distinctive grin and full, wavy hair are rendered with the Joker’s red smile and signature green locks. As usual with these AI renders, not all images are super clear, but there’s enough to see what the actor might look like if he were to take on the role of the infamous Batman villain. Check out the images below:

Keery definitely looks at home in Joker makeup, comfy and spooky. His smile complements the character’s iconic look and he has the cool and powerful presence to fend off the villain’s menace. In fact, his role in Spree shows he can play a crazy, obsessive and homicidal persona, all of which are crucial qualities for the intense role of The Joker.

Unfortunately, there are no immediate plans for Keery to take on the role of Joker, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. As the DCEU is constantly being created and restarted, and as the concept of a multiverse is introduced, a new version of the Joker could appear in a future episode. That joker The upcoming movie sequel features fan theories about a young person inspired by Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, allowing him to better align schedules and ages with Batman. So it’s entirely possible that Keery will be cast as the jokerespecially when fan demand is high enough.

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