Jeremy also bought Audrey’s PARENT FARM after moving into a $1.5 million farmhouse?

Jeremy and Audrey are no longer affiliated with Little People Big World. In fact, it’s been years since they said goodbye to their careers as reality TV stars. Nonetheless, the former LPBW celebs remain in the spotlight as many exciting things happen in their lives. Apparently they’ve been in quite a party mood lately. That’s because they bought a rather lavish farmhouse new. Well, speculation began as to whether the couple would appear to be taking over the business from Audrey’s parents, as they also own a popular farm in the area. Read on to find out all the details.

LPBW: Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Taking Over Their Family Business? Do you now own Botti Farms?

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff had quite an exciting journey in Little People Big World. However, they are no longer appearing on the show and are concentrating on building their own brand. They also expressed their dream of their own farmland. It turns out that Jeremy’s father Matt also turned down her offer to run the farm, as did his brother Zach. However, a while ago, Audrey shared the news that she had finally made that purchase. Apparently, the couple now has a 4-acre farm to live on. Therefore, speculation began as to whether Jeremy would take over the business from Audrey’s parents.

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Jeremy & Audrey Roloff’s new farmhouse

Apparently, Audrey’s parents own Botti Farms, which is located in Oregon itself. Therefore, theories from LPBW fans suggested that Jeremy might have gone to live with Auj’s family after things didn’t work out with Matt. In fact, in one of Audrey’s stories earlier this year, another viewer spoke about Jeremy running a tractor on Botti farms. However, as per the famous woman’s newsletter and Instagram post, they own a separate property in Hillsboro, Oregon. Therefore, it is not the property of Audrey’s parents, and the couple got it after two years of searching.

LPBW: Jeremy & Audrey buy new home worth $1.5 million, is 4 acres of farmland!

Jeremy and Audrey have always been very transparent with their lives on social media. In fact, both often spoke of buying new farmland to live on. They were originally supposed to live at Roloff Farms, but it didn’t work out. But after two years of searching, the LPBW couple found just the right place. In fact, Audrey also stated that her parents’ farm i.e. Botti Farms will be very close to their new home. In fact, the location is “down the road” from Botti Farms. Also, these two places are only half a mile apart.

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Now Audrey and Jeremy Roloffs own 4 acres of farmland worth $1.5 million! Although they haven’t moved in yet, they plan to do so soon. According to Jeremy’s posts on Instagram, there is still work to be done on the property. Therefore, they are busy with these tasks. In fact, their place boasts a view with a trestle. Therefore, the new house has emotional value for Audrey and Jeremy, as the latter proposed to the former to become his wife in the same place. Keep checking the TV season and spoilers for your daily dose of LPBW updates.

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