Inside Brad Pitt’s relationship with his kids, their hangouts in LA

Bond to his family! Over the years, Brad Pitt has developed a special bond with each of his children – which has only been strengthened by his divorce Angelina Jolie.

“He thinks of all his kids and loves having them at his home in LA where they enjoy long meals together, walk the property and sometimes drive up the coast where they can enjoy beach walks,” a source reveals exclusively in the new edition of Us weeklynow at the kiosk.

According to the insider, the 58-year-old actor has taken precautions when it comes to his children’s welfare. “Brad makes a point of keeping his time with the kids extremely private, he shields them from scrutiny and is extremely protective in that way,” explains the source.

Pitt first became a father after he started dating Jolie, 47, in 2005 Ocean’s Eleven Star adopted her son Maddox and they later expanded their family with daughter Zahara. The former couple’s family grew in 2006 with the addition of daughter Shiloh. Pitt and Jolie adopted son Pax from Vietnam a year later and welcomed twins Knox and Vivienne in 2008.

After more than a decade together, Pitt and Jolie called it quits in 2016. (The couple tied the knot two years before their split.)

Brad Pitt. Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shutterstock

Just before the actress filed for divorce Lost City star was the subject of a child abuse investigation following a previous incident on the family jet. He was later acquitted by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

Back then, the Oklahoma native thought about drawing inspiration from his life to bolster his on-screen roles. “My individual experience is kind of universal in that you know our parents, our universe, our gods, our first imprint, how we behave, react, feel, in the world,” he said CNN around Ad Astra influenced by his children. “And with that, to varying degrees, some of us take more pain and confusion than others. I think it takes almost a lifetime to understand what was yours and what was yours.”

He added: “My father always said he wanted to offer me a better life than he had from extreme poverty and he did. And it makes me think as a father, what do I have to offer my kids that is better than what I had?”

Pitt, who was declared legally single in April 2019, later gushed about his children during his Oscars acceptance speech. “This is for my kids who color everything I do,” he said while celebrating his Best Supporting Actor award in February 2020. “I adore you.”

Shortly after his victory, Pitt made it clear what kind of future he wanted for his children. “I want them to follow their bliss, follow their passions, whatever interests them most,” he told reporters. “It’s about leading as best you can, but they’re allowed to try on and try anything that’s their passion.”

To learn more about Pitt’s connection to his children, watch the video above and look for the new issue of Us Weekly, available now at the stands.

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