Influencer Jamie Otis opens up about body image and parenting in an Instagram post

Jamie Otis wrote an emotional and encouraging message about body positivity and parenting on Instagram. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)

Jamie Otis talks about how your words can affect your children.

Over the weekend, the 35-year-old “Bachelor” star took to Instagram to share a video of her swimming with her kids in a striped swimsuit and oversized sunglasses, which she paired with an encouraging note about parenting and positive attitudes.

In the clip, Otis splashed and laughed with her kids while saying the words: “I stopped putting my life on hold until I lost weight. I haven’t really lost the ‘baby weight’ (I’ve actually just gained weight). But my kids won’t remember my cellulite or tummy rolls. And healing my own inner child body image issues by modeling the kind of body confidence I want for them. My greatest hope is that my children will look back on their childhood and know that not only did their mother love them, I really enjoyed them,” the screenwriter said.

In the caption, the reality star opened up about how her childhood experiences led to disordered thoughts and how she’s working to change that for her children.

“I’m just a mom trying to break the cycle of growing up with body image issues for my kids. My mom wasn’t aware of this, but her constant obsession with how ‘fat’ she found herself made me very insecure about my own 75 pound body. I started starving myself and staring at myself in the mirror while picking myself apart — I was only 10 years old,” she explained. “I know my mom/grandma never wanted me to have an eating disorder. Little did they know that their obsession with their own body fat and cellulite would rub off on me so early. But it was like that.”

The “Married at First Sight” alum went on to discuss how as she shielded her children from their negative body image thoughts, she actually found self-love and gratitude in the process.

“After becoming a mom, I knew I had to do better for my daughter. I tried not to tell her about my pant size, how much I weigh—even when she was a baby…by trying to protect my kids from the terrible cycle of body image issues, I began to heal my own inner child ” she explained.

“There’s nothing wrong with being fat. There’s nothing wrong with being skinny. Our body only defines us when we let it,” Otis continued. “I’m often asked, ‘How did you become so confident about your body?!’ And the truth is, I was really just faking it at first. I was faking it for my kids… I promise you, you’ll start to notice a difference, and man, it feels so liberating.

Jamie Otis spoke about body confidence in a new Instagram post.  (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Jamie Otis is known for sharing body positive and parenting content on social media. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Fans loved the honest and uplifting post, praising Otis for her vulnerability.

“Thank you for opening up and looking into this deeply. I do the same with my kids — I promised myself that my (former) body issues wouldn’t prevent me from playing on the beach with my kids or any other family activity,” a follower shared.

“I love how real and honest you are! I am also like you and have a husband who loves me for me! Your kids are beautiful and will love you for your focus on them!” wrote another.

“I’m learning so much from your experience of weight and motherhood. Thanks for sharing this with me my friend, I really needed this,” said another.

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