I tried Khloe Kardashian’s Good American jeans – they look awkward on my bum and I can get the look for less at Zara

Finding great jeans can be a struggle.

Between finding the right fit and finding the best price, finding denim can seem hopeless.


Mary Renée (@maryrenee_w) bought six pairs of Good American JeansPhoto credit: Tiktok
Renée modeled the Good Waist Jacketed Step Hem Jeans (pictured)


Renée modeled the Good Waist Jacketed Step Hem Jeans (pictured)Photo credit: Tiktok

Lifestyle TikTok creator Mary Renée (@maryrenee_w) spent $1,000 on Good American to find the perfect pair of jeans.

According to Good American’s website, the brand is committed to challenging industry norms for a collection that’s 100 percent inclusive.

Founded in 2016 by Emma Grede and Khloe Kardashian, the brand is known for its mission to promote body positivity.

Good American’s promise of inclusivity begins with a wide range of sizes, starting at 00 through to 24.

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The 5’3″ TikToker, who usually wears a size 0, said she bought the brand because “these are the only jeans that fit.”

Renée tried on the Good Waist Jacketed Step Hem in the color ‘Blue 850’ for $104.30. She described the first pair as “the essential skinny jeans.”

This pair features a no-gap waistband and a reinforced belt loop for maximum comfort.

“They’re super stretchy and comfy,” she added, modeling the hole in the knee. “I love her stretchy skinny jeans,” she added.

Renée also showcased the Good Legs Crop Chewed Hem in “Blue837” and said, “These make my butt look good.” This best-selling pair retails at $139.

The TikToker then sampled the Good 90’s in the shade “Blue812,” which retails for $155.

“These were freaking hard to get over my butt,” she said.

“For the first time ever, they actually fit my stomach and hips,” she added. “They don’t make my butt look so good.”

Renée also tried on the Good Legs Crop Chewed Hem Jeans (pictured)


Renée also tried on the Good Legs Crop Chewed Hem Jeans (pictured)Photo credit: Tiktok

Next, Renée tried on the Good Icon Jeans in the shade ‘Blue952’, which currently retail for $149.

“They flatten my butt like a pancake,” she remarked.

The petite digital creator was extremely disappointed with the mom jeans.

“I sweat even when I put them on,” she added. “They’re not stretchy, they’re not comfortable, they’re not.”

Renée also bought the Good Boy 32″ Inseams in shade “Indigo041”, $155.

Renée wasn't happy with the Good Icon jeans (pictured)


Renée wasn’t happy with the Good Icon jeans (pictured)Photo credit: Tiktok

“Unfortunately they’re really cute from the front but I’m going to send them back,” she said, adding that she could get a cheaper dupe at Zara for $100 less.

Not a fan of the fit, she added that she would be “embarrassed” to wear the jeans.

Last but not least, Renée presented the Good 90’s in the shade “Black222”.

Although the pair is not currently available on Good American’s website, they can be found online at Saks for $66.99 to $83.00.

“They’re not as tight in the waist as the other one,” she remarked. However, she did conclude that she was a fan of the baggy fit.

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TikTok users were grateful for the honest transport and rating. One commenter said: “You’re the first person I’ve seen trying on jeans the same size and weight as me. Thanks for that.”

Renée chimed in: “Oh my god, perfect!! It’s tough out here for us little ones.”

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