How to use DALL E 2 to create stunning AI art

Wondering how to use DALL·E 2? The AI ​​art generator has been making waves online since it was announced in April, and it looks like it’s the most advanced tool of its kind yet. And while some are concerned about whether AI could replace human creativity, some artists and designers have learned how to make the new tool work for them.

So how do you use DALL·E 2? The tool generates graphics based on text prompts. At first glance, it couldn’t be easier – you type what you want and DALL·E creates the artwork. In reality, however, the results seem somewhat random, and it can be useful to keep a few pointers in mind to refine your prompts and increase the likelihood of getting the result you want. That’s where a new DALL·E 2-Prompt book comes into play. If you prefer to create your own original work the traditional way, check out our guide to the best graphic design software; Otherwise, read on to learn more about using DALL·E 2.

How to use DALL E 2

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