How to host a book festival

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Once my kids are old enough to enjoy chapter books, one tradition I hope to be able to steal from a friend of mine is the “book festival.” How it works: Parents read a chapter book to children, sometimes on a car ride or at night before bed. (Alternatively, the whole family could read a book “book club” style.) After everyone has read the book, they all prepare a “book festival” about that book one night. It’s a ritual that everyone should try at least once.

Book festival benefits

If a family celebration is planned after the completion of a book, it becomes a special occasion to read a book at all. promoting literacy and family bond. Reading to children is one of the best strategies for Promotion of good reading skills when they come to school even after they can read for themselves.

Research shows that meals are shared as a family is good for stress management. Including food in the book might encourage a picky eater trying a new food by contextualizing it and making it fun. You might end up encouraging yours too Children who help you in the kitchen This way, which is potentially a messy idea, could end up leading to some good habits.

Where you can get inspiration for your book festival

If you want to choose a book that you know will make a good themed party before you read it, you can choose one that is known for its culinary moments. Some popular books, especially series, have made it Cookbooks that go with fiction. Some popular children’s books with cookbook companions include:

Keep in mind that these cookbooks are often “unofficial” collections that are not technically associated with the brand. However, you don’t have to choose a “food-based” book for your book festival. Any book can have a book festival, even if it’s set during the Great Depression or the Irish Potato Famine. What a learning experience that would be, right? Many lessons about empathy and economics are available right there.

You can also invent your own recipes to include in books. My friend’s kids aren’t into fantasy and love historical novels, so she pulls out her old cookbooks for her book festivals. Let your creativity take over your mind and body. Local librarians could join in the fun with some ideas and of course the queen bee of cute food ideas, Pinterestwill be there to help fill in the gaps.

However, the most creative minds in the room might be your kids. You’ll likely remember meal details from the books and have great ideas on how to incorporate them into your family dinners.

Other book festival activities

If there’s a movie adaptation of the book you’ve been reading, you can have movie night after dinner. Let’s continue with a conversation about what was the same and different in the film adaptation and maybe even what was better.

Have a family discussion about the book. What did you like about the book, what didn’t you like, what do you have questions about and what moved you? If the book is about “Big Talk”-style topics – as in the case of my friend whose children walked a kick in World War II and thus learned about the Holocaust at the tender ages of six and eight – this might be a good time for one Be debriefing and make sure everyone understands the nuance and context of these stories. Connect the stories to the real world, your life and other stories you read and love. And of course delicious food.

Finally, at the dining table, choose your next book! For your and her well-being, ensure that it is a feast for all the senses.

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