How JLo supported Britney Spears during her feud with ex-husband Kevin Federline

Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline had largely stayed out of the public eye following the early divorce and ensuing conservatory drama. Now that Spears has been released from said legal arrangement, Federline finally spoke about his side of the story in a bombshell interview. During the chat, he claimed that both of their now-teen sons don’t speak to Spears and aren’t comfortable with their notoriously nude Instagram pictures. The move sparked a lot of back-and-forth between the former couple online, but Spears got surprising support from fellow pop icon JLo.

It all started when the “If U Seek Amy” singer expressed her right to independence, freedom and physical autonomy in a now-deleted Instagram post — seemingly a dig at Kevin Federline’s comments. There was also a nod to Jennifer Lopez in it, who JLo herself reposted to her own Instagram Stories with the simple encouragement to her contemporary to “stay strong.” Look here:

(Image credit: JLo Instagram)

The JLo quote the “Circus” singer was referring to is from the JLo’s documentation halftime (available to stream for Netflix subscribers). It details the ‘Jenny from the Block’ actress’ difficult journey to stardom, but mainly focuses on her 2019-2020 era as she prepared for the Super Bowl Halftime Show and navigated the craze surrounding her acclaimed film hustlers. Telling every little girl to get loud was as the star emotionally described her daughter Emme’s role in the headlining performance, during which she sang in a cage. (A clear nod to the struggles Latinos faced at the time on the US-Mexico border.)

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