How Carole inherited Kate’s style: Duchess appears to be a fashion inspiration, writes JENNIE BOND

When the Duchess of Cambridge turned around to blow her mother Carole Middleton a kiss at Wimbledon last week, it was a testament to how delightfully loving their relationship is.

Seeing their matching smile light up across the royal box also underscored how strikingly similar they are in style and looks.

The couple clearly channeled the same look with their long, auburn hair that was shiny, sleek and tucked behind the ears and the teardrop earrings peeking out from underneath.

But where Kate once copied her mother’s impeccable style, it seems that at age 67, Carole is taking a leaf out of her eldest child’s fashion book.

Carole came to M&S in hers

Ladies in Red: Kate wore her Boden coat to visit Great Ormond Street (left). Carole (right) appeared in her on M&S

From her freshly straightened hair – clearly impressed with the treatment Kate had for her Caribbean tour – to the matching jewelry and dresses, Carole had less of a make-over and more of a ‘Kate-over’.

And why not? After all the makeup and fashion tips Kate has received from her mother over the years, it’s only fair that Carole should reap the rewards of her daughter’s sophistication.

They both use Richard Ward’s hair salon, so why not share a wardrobe – especially one as full as Kate’s?

Kate's Alexander McQueen act

The tails Carole wore to Pippa's wedding

Pastel couple: Kate’s Alexander McQueen number (left) inspired the tailcoat Carole wore to Pippa’s wedding (right)

Take Royal Ascot a few weeks ago, when Carole looked fabulous in a breezy pink pleated shirt dress by British label Me+Em. The dress looked strikingly familiar – it was identical to the one her daughter had worn on a visit to Edinburgh in May last year.

Did Carole borrow it from Kate’s extensive wardrobe? Maybe. Although Carole is not as tall as the Duchess, she certainly has the slim figure to wear her daughter’s dresses. Not only that, she added her own touch to the look with a black fascinator and a matching clutch.

There was even more inspiration for daughter and mother’s style at Wimbledon when Carole arrived on day three of the tournament and presented a stunning blue topaz necklace by Kate’s favorite gemstone designer, Kiki McDonough.

Kate's light pink Me + Em dress

And Carole on the first day of Ascot last month

Me + Mum: Did Carole borrow Kate’s light pink Me + Em dress for the first day of Ascot last month?

It may even have been borrowed from Kate’s jewelry box, as Kate has worn the same piece several times herself.

To me, just a few years older than Carole and with a 32-year-old daughter, Emma, ​​I just love the relationship between Kate and her mother.

There’s something uniquely gratifying about that moment when you realize you can dive into your daughter’s wardrobe. Though I’m not entirely sure Emma would always agree.

It feels a little risky swaying in your daughter’s clothes – and quite fabulous that they fit!

Kate first wore this tiered dress by Alexander McQueen

But Carole wasn't far behind in a Navy version

Striking resemblance: Kate wore it first, but Carole was not far behind in a navy blue version of this tiered Alexander McQueen dress

It’s also good to get thrown out of fashion ruts from time to time – and who better than a daughter to provide the inspiration?

I can definitely understand that there are times as a mom when you think your daughter looks so gorgeous that you want to emulate her style. Sometimes you have to make a few concessions to age, although Carole’s legs are so shapely that she can still pull a hem up and look elegant. Good for you!

She was a flight attendant for British Airways in her twenties, at a time when cabin crew was one of the most glamorous jobs out there.

Breton tops are a mother and daughter staple

Carole has the same color

From the same line: Breton tops are a mother and daughter staple

Kate and Carole both love Kiki McDonough's designs

It's not often that a mother can raid her daughter's jewelry box

Family jewels: Kate and Carole both love Kiki McDonough’s designs. But it’s not often that a mother can raid her daughter’s jewelry box!

So it wouldn’t be a surprise if, as the seeds of Kate’s royal romance with William began to blossom, Kate might have offered her daughter some style advice.

And in the early years of her romance with the prince, Kate’s confident fashion choices often – unsurprisingly – mirrored those of her beloved mother.

But over time, now a confident mother of three in her own right preparing for her future role as Queen, Kate has really found herself.

It’s truly gratifying to see that confidence reflected in the woman who helped create it.

Carole wore this to Ascot in 2010

Kate copied them for a 2012 hospice visit

Thank you Mama! Carole wore these to match the belt and shoes to Ascot in 2010. Kate copied them for a 2012 hospice visit

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