Giant wearable baby head, giant Randoseru backpack Part of an empathy-enhancing art exhibition in Japan

Would you appreciate being told, “Go outside and play!” after carrying a 47-pound backpack on your way to work?

Every adult was once a child, but the process of growing up is so gradual that it is sometimes difficult to remember what it was like back then. Just because time can cloud our memories doesn’t mean we should let it lessen our compassion, and An exhibition currently running in Japan aims to remind people that being a child is not always as easy and carefree as it might seem from our perspective as adults.

That Perspective exhibition for children currently running Itochu SDG’s studio in Tokyo’s Aoyama districtconsists Interactive art experiences designed to help adults experience aspects of children’s daily livesstart with baby head. Babies’ heads make up a much larger portion of their total body weight, and if you were to apply the same scale to an adult, your head would be swaying around 21 kilograms (46.3 pounds). The weighted Baby Head lets you feel what it’s like and explains a lot why young children have trouble sitting still or stumbling in unexpected places.

Then there are the baby voicea mask-like contraption that turns spoken words into screams and gurgles to encourage empathy for children who have not yet acquired much vocabulary or other language skills but are still trying to make their needs and emotions understood.

Breakfast for 2 year olds Scale dishes and a carton of milk, up to the relative size these objects are for a child of that age, to show that spilled milk is not always the result of carelessness, but sometimes of the greater difficulty of pouring a cup is for little ones Hands.

Speaking of tender touch when disciplining little kids, the 4 meter adults The VR experience shows what it feels like from a young child’s perspective to be yelled at by mom and dad as if they were being verbally abused four meters (13.1 feet) big giants so it’s important to keep your tone of voice calm and controlled as your physical build is already intimidating enough.

Adult Randoseru shows that the backpacks worn by Japanese elementary school children may be cute, but they are also very heavy. Scaled to adult size, it’s equivalent to wearing one 18.9 kilograms (41.7 pounds) book bag, and you can try one on to give yourself something to think about when you’re tempted to smack your tongue at a kid because they want to sit on the sofa and relax instead of going outside to play , after dragging its Randoseru home from school.

The children’s perspectives exhibition runs until September 19th.

exhibition information
Children’s Perspective Exhibition / こどもの視点ラボ
Venue: Itochu SDGs Studio
Address: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Kitaaoyama 2-3-1 Itochu Garden Basement 1
東京都港区北青山2—3—1 Itochu Garden B1F
Open 11am-6pm
Runs until 09/19
admission free

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Source, images: PR Times
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