Ghar Waapsi was like re-enacting real life Kheench Taan with parents on screen: Director Ruchir Arun

The new show from Disney Plus Hotstar Ghar Waapsi promises you a heartwarming experience as it explores the roller coaster of emotions a person goes through while living with family. Led by Little Things celebrity Ruchir Arun, the show has Vibha Chibber as its mother; Actor Vishal Vashishtha plays Shekhar, the son who moves to another city to work but returns home after losing his job; Atul Srivastava is the happy father; and Anushka Kaushik and Saad Bilgrami play Vishal’s younger siblings. For Ruchir, the show was like a new creation ‘kheenchtaan’ (banter) he had at home with his parents.

“When I read the script, I thought it was just my family’s story,” said director Ruchir while discussing how he came on board Ghar Waapsi and how the series came to be. He added, “We sat down with the writers and jammed with them about sequences and character types. We shared each of our personal experiences, and finally we arrived at a place that was honest for all of us. We felt like we experienced such emotions (mentioned in the script) with our brothers, sisters or lovers. The script was so real that all I had to do was find the right actors for these characters, and then shooting was a breeze.”

Ruchir shot Ghar Waapsi in Indore and Bhopal where he was stationed. For him, the location where the show had to be filmed was very important as it has “its own charm and beauty”. He also applauded the show’s writers, promising that viewers would never feel alienated from the story or the characters.

“It’s not like the incidents and dialogue have to be the same, but the feelings toward your parents are the same. The guilt you feel for leaving your family in one place and chasing your dreams is common to all,” said the National Award winner.

During the show’s production, there were some of his “lived experiences” with his parents that Ruchir included in the script, and now he plans to leave all of his family groups once Ghar Waapsi starts streaming on July 22 on Disney Plus Hotstar begins. He joked, “I will leave all my family groups when this show comes out and flee for at least a month.”

Actress Anushka Kaushik, who plays Suruchi, sister of main character Shekhar, thinks the show is perfectly timed as it comes just after the pandemic, when many youngsters lost their jobs and returned to their hometowns.

Anushka Kaushik in Ghar Waapsi. (Photo: Dice Media/Instagram)

She explained one of the hard-hitting dialogues from the trailer, where her character says: “Chote shehron ke bhai behen apne chote bhai behen ke saath 10-12 saal rehte hain aur achanak se vo long distance ho jaate hain.” Speaking of the emotionally charged dialogue, Anushka said, “We talk so much about long-distance relationships between lovers, we have shows and films that think about it. But this dynamic between a brother and a sister is not explored that much. In this scene, the fear Suruchi shows comes from a place of love. That’s the beauty of the character and also of the direction.”

Lately we’ve had web shows that have captured the essence of a middle-class household, be it SonyLIV’s Gullak or Netflix’s Yeh Meri Family. But Ruchir is confident that Ghar Waapsi is nothing like the ones people have already seen. For him, the audience will see it not just once, but several times. He believes the show “is not a story about just one person or one family. It is the story of many people. Each character is written and acted so well that everything feels organic. You will feel like you know all the characters personally. I don’t know of any other show that has such different characters, but they have harmony between them.”

Ghar Waapsi’s official logline reads: “Unemployed, Shekhar’s life is changed forever as he returns to his hometown and finds a path to self-discovery.”

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