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This month we have another amazing edition for you, packed with pro techniques, advice and insight.

Incredible close-ups

Master the art of macrofield crafting with Geraint Radford (Image credit: Future)

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This month, our lead feature is all about capturing the small details. Professional macro photographer and Olympus Ambassador Geraint Radford (opens in new tab) has put together an essential field guide that takes us through the basics of up close nature photography, from choosing the right gear for the job to technical considerations for focus and creative compositions. Learn how to capture new perspectives from a bug’s perspective. We think it’s one of the best macro features we’ve run recently for speed and ease of use, so don’t miss it!

Creative compositions

Think compositing skills are only for digital artists? Think again… (Image credit: Future)

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When you’re done with that, check out our master class feature on image compositing. This exciting genre of creative photography has many practical uses, and as the tips and tricks in this feature prove, anything is possible with the right lighting and editing skills. Learn professional techniques with the help of experts like Serge Ramelli and Brooke Shaden to construct otherwise impossible images.

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