Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams debuts shaved head: photo

A big hit! Maisie Williams presented a new look.

That game of Thrones Alum, 25, debuted a buzz cut via Instagram on Saturday, July 30, and fans are obsessed. The actress shared a selfie of her freshly shaved head and revealed in the caption that she uses toner as a shampoo. “Wash head with toner>,” Williams wrote, adding, “#3in1girlie.”

Maisie Williams Courtesy of Maisie Williams/Instagram

One fan praised her new ‘do, writing, “Wow that buzz cut looks amazing on you.” Another social media user commented, “Queeeen! I wasn’t ready.” A third fan wrote, “SHE IS THE MOMENT.”

Jew lawModel’s daughter Iris, who showed off her own buzz cut in early July, commented, “MAISIEEEE.”

Williams fans know that she often changes her look. That pistol Star dyed her hair blonde, platinum, purple, blue, and gray. Plus, she’s played around with lengths, from pixie cuts to trendy lobs. Williams also famously rocked bleaching eyebrows at the 2021 Brit Awards.

Her most notable hair change, however, is perhaps her decision to dye her locks pink afterwards game of Thrones season finale.

“I colored it because I didn’t want to work,” Williams said Rolling Stone in 2019. β€œIt’s a pretty good way to stop that. And it just feels so good, so me. I struggled throughout my youth to put a stamp on my looks but also to be a blank canvas as an actor.”

She continued, “I love pink so much. For so long I’ve pretended my favorite color was green. I thought I wouldn’t be a feminist if my favorite color was pink. And then I decided that was bloody stupid.”

Williams went on to talk about her looks, particularly her body image, in an interview with Fashion published in the same year. That New mutants The actress revealed that playing Arya Stark in the HBO drama hurt her confidence.

“About season 2 or 3, my body started to mature and I started becoming a woman,” she told the publication. “But Arya still tried very hard to dress up as a boy.”

The actress revealed that as William’s body evolved, the wardrobe and makeup departments had to make her look less feminine for her portrayal of Arya. The experience she remembered FashionIt damaged her self-confidence.

“I had really short hair and they were constantly covering me in dirt and shadowing my nose, so it looked really wide and I looked really manly,” she said. “They also put this strap across my chest to smooth out any growth that had started. I don’t know, six months out of the year it just felt awful and I felt embarrassed for a while.”

When the show was over, Williams said at the time that she planned to experiment with styles that more suited her personal tastes.

“So you know we have this new phase of my style. Like it would be nice to look more feminine and have a real waist and just hug the body that I have,” she said.

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