Funny Celebrity Injury Stories

I’m starting to think maybe they are *not* like us.

Last week people couldn’t stop talking about Zendaya and Demi Lovato because they both ended up in the hospital really wild and kind of silly.

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Zendaya had a bit of a cooking mishap and proved to us all that ordering Postmates is always the safest option.

And Demi explained how sometimes crystals meant to heal can actually hurt instead. Self-care and spirituality are not for the faint of heart.

But these aren’t the first two celebrities to injure themselves and end up in the hospital for reasons that, let’s be honest, are a little weird and kind of make you giggle. So here are 13 other celebs who have done something similar, or somehow even weirder.

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Weren’t we all here? You, your daughter and a goat frolic in Spain and then BAM! You trip over a rock and your foot is broken. It’s a tale as old as time, really! It can happen to anyone at any time. So maybe think twice the next time you’re tempted to chase a horned creature.


Adam Sandler got a black eye after his phone went through the air and attacked his face.

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Sandler’s story is truly a cautionary tale about how to make your bed to Good. He continued during a performance Good morning America: “Someone tucked the sheets in too much and I had my phone in the middle of the bed. I kicked up to pull it out, the phone flew and hit me in the head.” Further proof of how bad our phones are for our health. Be careful out there, everyone!


Who among us can say we haven’t eaten one too many mimosas and then tried to make some cabbage for dinner? (Ok, can’t actually relate to the cabbage part, but on board for the mimosas.) Well, unfortunately, Gal not only cut off the tip of her finger, but her husband threw her finger piece (sorry lol) DOWN THE WASTE DISPOSAL!! All hopes of reconciliation were gone, baby, gone.


Zac Efron had to wire his jaw after slipping in a puddle.

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Puddles are tricky business. how deep are they How long? How wide? Where did the puddle come from? Did it rain? I don’t remember it raining. And while you’re wondering all those things, dammit, you slipped and broke your jaw! But if you’re lucky like Zac, you’ll walk away with a little scar on your chin that kinda makes you even hotter????


Ireland Baldwin developed an intense bloody nose after babysitting for less than an hour.

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I think we can all agree that children are destructive monsters bent on harming themselves and everyone around them. Just me? OK. Well I think Ireland would back me up here after she “…babysat two 7 year old boys for 45 minutes” and ended up with a VERY BLOODY NOSE. With that you must miss me!


Martha Stewart got out of her car and stepped straight into a hole, tearing her Achilles tendon.

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Sometimes you lose yourself in a little fantasy and pretend to be Michelle Kwan, who is going for gold at the 1998 Olympics. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what happened with Lana. She said at the time: “When you see my second video for this album, don’t think that the fact that I’m wearing a cast is symbolic of anything other than believing that I was still a professional figure skater.” Or maybe the symbolic meaning is that there is no symbolic meaning. Makes you think.


Catherine Zeta-Jones broke her foot while decorating for Christmas.


Rose McGowan broke her arm after reading the election results while standing on the steps.


Halsey broke his ankle when loading the dishwasher.

I tripped over the open dishwasher door because the kitchen floor was wet when I was loading the dishes and hit my knuckle on the metal and broke it hahaha


Hm, is that why my roommate never loads the dishwasher? Did he know how dangerous it could be? Maybe I was too hard on him. I should send a thank you note to Halsey for opening a dialogue between us and helping me understand that sometimes cups have to stay in the sink for your own safety.


Simon Cowell lost a tooth in an accident with peanut brittle.

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Ok, I’m kind of burying the lede here because not only did Simon lose a tooth (no word on if the tooth fairy was visiting), he also fractured his wrist after a bike accident AND tested positive for Covid within a week . That’s what we call “A PRETTY BAD TIME” here at BuzzFeed.

Did we miss any celebrity injury stories that got you going, “Huh, how did that even happen?” Let us know in the comments!

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