Finally, the first good MCU X-Men casting rumor has arrived

This post was posted on July 23rd.

We’re going to spend a fair amount of time speculating on which X-Men will bring Marvel to the big MCU mutant reboot, and more importantly, which actors will play them.

With an endless number of FOX films, those films have almost always gotten it right, especially the early ones, their cast, whether it’s Patrick Stewart’s iconic portrayals of Professor X, Ian McKellan’s Magneto, or Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

I’ve heard some early rumors about the casting, like Kingsman’s Taron Egerton trying to run for Wolverine, but today is the first time I’ve heard a rumor that sounds really exciting.

Giancarlo Esposito as Charles Xavier, anyone?

The Better Call Sall/Breaking Bad actor is trending on social media thanks to rumors that have seemingly appeared out of nowhere that he could be announced as Professor X himself during SDCC, coupled with an additional casting rumor that Top Gun Maverick’s Glen Powell could play Scott Summers/Cyclops.

Again, I can’t find anything resembling a worthwhile source as the rumors seem almost self-sustaining as if fans are bringing this to life, but it’s certainly not such a wild concept. Esposito is an immensely talented actor and I’d be amazed if Kevin Feige didn’t A) get him into the MCU somehow and B) given his talent, cast him in a massive role like Xavier. Esposito also has a relationship with Disney through his work as the main villain Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian. I think the idea here would be that he would finally play a prominent hero role as opposed to the villains we know him for and it’s easy to imagine him slipping into Xavier’s chair.

Other rumors have it that the MCU X-Men reboot will simply be called “The Mutants” and will be part of the Phase 5 kickoff. Although the MCU has already made a funny nod to the FOX universe by bringing back Professor X for Multiverse of Madness, I would absolutely expect a full recast of every mutant role, and I suspect they’re getting younger. Glen Powell would be a 33-year-old Cyclops but looks younger and the rest of the squad could follow.

Again, we have absolutely nothing to prove that these rumors will be true, but the logic behind a turn from Giancarlo Esposito to Professor X is solid, especially with Better Call Saul nearing the conclusion of its final season. We’ll soon see what happens at the fair itself.

Update (7/23): I wanted to post some of the hate mail I received about this article, which will foreshadow the reaction that will come when Esposito is actually cast. You can probably guess what this is about:

“No, I’m tired of characters being changed for diversity while people complain about characters being whitewashed like the Ancient One. Leave characters as originally created by their creators, social justice campaigners, and tourists, as if you had nothing to do with changing characters you had no part in creating. It’s time you comic MOVIE fans find another fad and move on to this one to destroy and leave comics alone. Tourist…”

The idea here is that Charles Xavier is traditionally white and a black version of him would be a “social justice warrior”. That’s very silly, of course, but it’s also kind of timely considering a recent story is Jessica Alba commenting that Marvel movies have remained overwhelmingly Caucasian since she first starred in Fantastic Four, which true is. Because most superheroes were invented by white men, they are white men and we have them Not seen a lot of “race flips” before. So maybe it’s time for some, as in the upcoming era of the X-Men, shockers, most of the biggest heroes and villains are all white again. So a black professor X? Yes I would say we more than deserved that at this point and I totally believe the opposite of what has been said above.

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