Ex-Le Sserafim singer Kim Garam is bullied at school as photo goes viral after controversy as a bully and drama explodes on Reddit

Days after leaving LE SSERAFIM over bullying allegations, Kim Garam is back in the news as many people claim she is a victim with a viral photo showing her being bullied at school

Kim Garam has been the subject of debate again over two weeks after she left LE SSERAFIM after her supposed school desk was put online. The desk is said to be evidence of Garam’s school bullying.

Ex-Lesserafim singer Kim Garam is bullied at school as photo goes viral after she was a bully controversy and drama exploded on Reddit

Kim Garam’s recent school bullying controversy pushed her out of the public eye, but her followers from her brief stint as a member of LE SSERAFIM have not abandoned her. They began collecting evidence to change their reputation from abuser to victim, and one of the most popular pieces of evidence is their alleged school desk.

Since they were posted on social media, they quickly gained popularity there and individuals started talking about them. Many people are now questioning both Kim Garam and the HYBE company about the recently surfaced evidence. So let’s find out more about it:

From abuser to victim: Kim Garam’s school bullying controversy explained

16-year-old well-known former K-pop idol Kim Garam has been given a Level 5 sentence by the school’s Violence Committee after being accused of physically assaulting children, engaging in gang fights and tormenting a former classmate.

HYBE, the company she works for, first announced that she was a victim of bullying and was in fact innocent. She was released from LE SSERAFIM after two months of rest and the contract ended.

However, fans believe that Kim Garam was actually the target of bullying, which lends credence to the claim. A picture of a school desk began circulating on Korean chat sites on July 30. Swear words were written around Kim Garam’s name, which was scrawled on the desk.

Due to the claims that she used to be a school bully, netizens of Koren believed that after leaving LE SSERAFIM, she returned to school and was bullied.

However, her supporters provided evidence that the photo was an old one, supporting HYBE’s claims that Garam was the victim of alleged bullying.

Viral photos from her desk explained

In the viral photo, “F**k”, “crazy”, “stupid” and “b*tch” were among the expletives written around Garam’s name tag on the desk. While some netizens believe she and her classmates were just having fun, her supporters believe this is proof she was a victim.

Additionally, the Twitter user posted two selfies of Kim Garam allegedly reposted by bullies, writing “disabled” and “r*tard” on them to poke fun at her condition of brachydactyly.

The identical school desk photo was posted by the same netizen alongside another image of Kim Garam working at a desk covered in doodles. At the time of writing, the tweet has received over 20,000 likes and over 10,000 retweets.

When the group made their debut, the image first appeared as fans sought evidence to clear Kim Garam’s name. It was recorded in 2018. Although the image does not prove Garam was a victim, additional arguments emerge in her favor.

According to an alleged acquaintance, LE SSERAFIM’s label used Garam as a noisy marketing and they had provided HYBE with proof that she was innocent, but they chose not to use it.

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