‘Evil’s ‘Ted Lasso’ Reference: Season 3 Episode 5 Summary

is diabolicalSheryl is about to record a sign “believe”. above her office door?

Anything is possible in the twisted world of Paramount+ supernatural drama, which summoned one of them in Sunday’s episode Teddy Lasso‘s Signature Bits and — lovingly! – twisted it into something demonic.

A quick recap: As the demonic cryptocurrency Makob rose in value, Sheryl (played by Christine Lahti) was dismayed to see Leland (Michael Emerson) sail into her boss’ office and attempt to acknowledge the company’s success. But when she tried to get some time on the manager’s schedule (that’s what the show actually calls him), his assistant blocked her at every attempt. Eventually, after bribing the receptionist with a giant stack of Makob, she won an audience with the big boss and entered the room with a small gift in hand: shortbread cookies in a small, pale pink baking box.

Apple TV+ comedy fans Teddy Lasso He probably realized that the baked goods on offer were very similar to those that Ted (Jason Sudeikis) brings to his employer Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) every day, a gesture Ted calls “Biscuits With the Boss.” But this…is where the two shows diverge.

As Sheryl soon learned, her new boss is a five-eyed, cloven-hoofed, horned, stinky, and ill-tempered demon — though apparently only a chosen few, including herself and Leland, are able to see the manager in his true form. She fought back surprise and disgust long enough to argue why she should be promoted (while the manager worked out on his elliptical machine in the office and complained that his sweetgreen salad was late—ha!). And after one more visit, during which he ate her biscuits with such stomach-churning, ordered her to scratch him with a back scratch, and then slapped her on the bottom, he granted her wish.

“Welcome to the team,” Leland said to a visibly shaken Sheryl after she returned from the second meeting. She wondered if she was having a psychotic breakdown. “Oh absolutely,” he said, grinning.

TVLine caught up with Robert and Michelle King, co-creators of the recently renewed series, on the phone to get the backstory of the cookies.

TVLINE | Give me the genesis of Teddy Lasso A notice.
MICHELLE KING | [Laughs] Well, we just thought it was funny, you know what happens when the boss you’re pandering to is a indeed Monster.
ROBERT KING | A bunch of these were kind of, you know, inspired by the Harvey Weinsteins, but there didn’t seem anything wrong with going there Teddy Lasso because this is such a heartwarming show, and when you bring those cookies with you all the time, and in the pink box, everything about it seemed like the opposite of what this monster was. [Laughs] Sometimes we just do things because they seem weird in our heads.

TVLINE | It’s such a healthy thing on this show, and it’s so twisted here.
ROBERT KING | [When The Manager spits bile on the biscuits] To melt them down, it played off how birds and insects eat their food. [Laughs] We had fun.
MICHELLE KING | too much fun [Laughs]
ROBERT KING | Because it’s disgusting. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Is the reference to Episode 5 included or will it be a recurring theme?
ROBERT KING | It’s recurring. [Laughs] how could you not

TVLINE | Jokes aside, by the end of the episode we get a hint that Sheryl is in deeper than she ever wished. When she realizes that she and Leland see the manager in the same way, she is distraught.
ROBERT KING | Yes. What I like about the way Christine Lahti plays it [Sheryl is] ambitious, and you cheer her on in that way, where she gets bullied by her employees and all, but then she’ll break through to something greater evil. So, I think what’s fun about the way Christine Lahti does it is that you have someone you should boo where it ends, but I hope that somehow you cheer that they’re up the ladder climbs. Because that’s the tendency of TV and movies to cheer on the underdog.

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